Commits Bond with Future Teammates

Unlike most unofficial visits, colleges rely heavily on its players to provide a positive experience during official visits as hosts. Inside Carolina asked the UNC pledges who officially visited over the weekend about their time spent with their future teammates.

Corey Bell: “Austin [Proehl] was my host, but I was just with everybody. I was with ‘Switz’ [Ryan Switzer] a little bit. I talked to Marquise [Williams] on Friday.

“[Proehl] was just telling me about what his average day is like and showing me how things are going to be when I get there. He told me to work hard every day. He was just telling me to keep lifting.”

Aaron Crawford: “My host was Jeremiah Clarke and he really did a good job of showing me around campus. It was great. He really had a lot of insight on what I’d be doing over the next couple of years. Hanging out with him and guys like Jessie [Rogers] and Nazair [Jones] and Junior [Gnonkonde], I feel more comfortable now – a lot more comfortable than I had on recent visits. I’m going to try to get back down there.”

Nathan Elliott: “Mitch Trubisky [was my host]. It was probably my third or fourth time of hanging out with Mitch, so we’re pretty good friends. We stay in contact even when I go back home – we text and stuff.

“He just kind of just let me know maybe the first few days [or] first week or so is a total rush. It’s kind of different and I expect that. I know it’s going to be different than what I’m used to of not being at home. I feel like making the friends I made this weekend – meeting a lot of the guys in my class and some of the older dudes on the team – that’s going to help it even more making me feel right at home. The coaches are great, the coaches are really genuine and I’ve heard that from so many people. I’m really excited and I have no worries about the distance at all.”

Tommy Hatton: “John Ferranto, Jersey Boy, [was my host]. That’s just my boy. I’ve known him now since I came down in June. I and he are cool – he’s a cool kid, nice kid. We just chilled. I’m an easygoing guy, so we just hung out. We had fun. That was it, really.”

Charlie Heck: “My brother, [Jon], was my host. It was cool having my brother as my host, because he showed me around.

“I think my brother is super excited. It’s pretty cool, because we never really previously talked about going to the same college. So when it all came together, he got super excited – and so did I. He’s a few years older than me, so even though we’re really close we never really got to spend a lot of time together that much... And I think he’s excited to teach me the ropes as a big brother. He’ll be able to show me all the cool spots and in football he’ll be guiding me the whole time.”

Nick Polino: “My host was Bentley Spain. Mikey [Bart] is Bentley’s roommate. There really wasn’t anything different, because normally when I go up on an unofficial, I would stay with Bentley and Mikey anyway. So it was pretty much just like we were hanging out like we normally do.”

Johnathan Sutton: “Junior [Gnokonde] was my host. He was just telling me about how when I first come in just be chilled – don’t try to do too much. He said don’t come in acting like you know too much – it’s almost like freshman year of high school. He said come in to work and things will work out.”

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