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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - The head coach addressed the media ahead of his team's matchup with Florida State.

Why are you using the 2-3 zone instead of the 3-2 zone, which you used last year?
“It seemed like it fit the personnel is probably the best reason. The other reason is probably that I didn’t like what we had last year as much. I don’t like any of them, the zone, but I think this probably fits our personnel better.”

Do you have any updates on Theo Pinson’s status?
“Theo will not play. He has a broken foot, the fifth metatarsal. We’re still evaluating what all of his options can be. It’s not a very comfortable feeling for us because we feel like we’re down quite a few personnel wise anyways. I think he was starting to come and I like that part of it. We’re still evaluating all of the options other than that it’s all I can say, he won’t play tomorrow.”

On the effect of the injuries on the perimeter:
“It’s sort of the way we started the year last year. We didn’t have Leslie at the start of the year last year so we had Marcus, Nate and J.P., and Luke and we tried to play Isaiah and James Michael a little bit at the three to start with. But it’s hard to make those significant changes in the middle of the season right now, but it’s who we have.”

What specifically caused Pinson’s injury?
“During the play in the Wake game. It looked like on tape that Joel was standing on his right foot and he placed his left foot and probably put a little more pressure on it at that time when he took the step.”

How is Joel recovering from the groin injury?
“He’s not going to play tomorrow either. He’s not practicing yet. He’s not practicing tomorrow or Monday. I think the middle of next week they will evaluate him at that time and see. He’s still a ways away.”

What has practice been like with all of the guys out?
“The most bizarre I’ve ever had. In fact, there was no practice yesterday. We watched tape again and did a little shooting and that was it. We’ve got a J.V. guy that we think is going to come help us in practice today. It’s difficult. If we’d have practiced yesterday we would have held seven guys out.”

Does your approach in the games going to change at all?
“It depends on the course of the game. It’s not going to change initially, but it had to change the other night because of foul trouble. We don’t have the personnel to do some things. In the past I didn’t get that concerned about foul trouble because we just put somebody else in the game.”

Does that change how you prepare for worst case scenarios?
“We did that anyway. The other night the 2-3 zone was not the first time we’ve ever played. We’ve been practicing it like crazy just in case, so it won’t change that part.”

Will the mounting injury toll cause you to go to it more?
“It wasn’t that effective. They made three three’s and made a layup so it wasn’t like I fell in love with the thing. We practice it anyway just in case and we will practice it today. If we get to halftime and the referees haven’t called a single foul on us, don’t expect to see the zone the first possession of the second half. We’re going to play the way that we feel is best for our team, and then if something changes during the course of the game. My staff thinks we’ve practiced it too much. We’ve been practicing it a lot. We just haven’t played it during the game because I don’t like it.”

Where is Stilman White’s recovery right now?
“A little further away. Joel Berry is the next one that has a chance of coming back. We just don’t know when that is.”

Do you have the name of the J.V. player that is going to come up?
“I know which one I asked for this morning, but I don’t know which one is going to show up. Spencer Dalton practiced with us early and really did some nice things during practice and we almost kept him anyway.”

When you go back and look at the games that your team has played, do you feel better or worse?
“It depends. I don’t think there is a stock answer. The thing that I get most upset with is lack of effort, or a lack of concentration. That’s it. If we’re going to bust our tail and not make silly mistakes, I’m pretty happy. And you guys have sometimes heard me say after losses that I don’t have any faults with the way our team played. Those kind of things just drive me wacko. Somebody asked me about the changes in me over 27 years of being a head coach. That one has not changed. I still get furious over lack of effort and a lack of concentration. If the reason I am disappointed is that, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to look different on the tape.”

On dealing with Florida State’s guards:
“Those are guys that are going to have the ball in their hands more often and so it gives them more opportunities to try and score. I think they’ve taken more shots than the other guys on their team, so there has to be a focus for your defense. And if you are thin in those numbers you really have to concentrate and make sure you don’t get yourself in foul trouble. We’re hoping we have Nate. Nate’s not going to practice today. There is not going to be physical contact for Nate today. We’re hoping that we’ll have him tomorrow, but we don’t know. Then it really gets scary, because you’re really talking about Marcus, Justin, and J.P. and bring Isaiah up. So it’s something where we’ll just have to wait and see.”

What happened with Nate Britt?
“Fifteen stitches. Fifteen stitches in the lip.”

On Justin Jackson shooting the deep ball:
“If you look at his stats, he hasn’t shot the three that well, so it’s not that. Leonard’s teams always guard you pretty doggone well. His shooting percentage is a little bit bigger than his weight from the 3-point line, but not a heck of a lot. I don’t think they're going to be running out there to cut down his 3-point shots. I think we need Justin to keep doing what he’s doing. He’s really doing some nice things and we need him to keep doing them.”

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