UNC-UL: Roy Williams Postgame

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's loss to Louisville Saturday.

Opening comments:
“Congratulations. They kicked our rear ends. Second half was not a very good basketball game on our side and it was extremely good on their side, but Rick knows his team a hell of a lot better than I know my time. I thought Montrezl was a little possessed, in the second half it seemed like he got every rebound, he ran the floor, he posted our guys up, he got around when we tried to throw it to our post guys. Montrezl [had] 22 [points] and 15 [rebounds]. Rozier didn’t have the day shooting the basketball that I’ve seen him have, but he has 10 rebounds, and we couldn’t get the free throw when we had inside position, we’ve got 6-9 270 pounds, and I think at that point it shows you something about how much Louisville wanted the basketball. I hate to say this, I’ve done a poor job of coaching because evidently they wanted the basketball and were tougher about it than my team was and that’s my fault.

“They have a great game plan and a lot of time it fits what I like to do because it’s an open court game, but today Rick just did a better job with his team than I did with my team. I didn’t do a very good job with my team. But again the intensity on the back boards, at half time it was 11-9 on points off offensive rebounds, and we got zero points off of offensive rebounds in the second half and we’re supposedly one of the best rebounding teams in the country. And they got 17 points off of offensive rebounds in the second half. Every time I felt like we’d get a miss they would end up putting it back in.

“Their defense as stronger than our offense, I think their will was stronger than our will. Rozier and Chris really did a nice job out front and frustrated our guards and their big guys frustrated our big guys and their head coach frustrated our head coach. That’s about the only daggum thing I can say. We talked about trying to not turn the basketball over and give them openings. We tried to talk about not fouling and we put them on the line 44 times. We played at Kentucky we shot 13 free throws and they shot 31. Today we shot 20 and they shot 44. And in both cases I’m not talking about the officials. We made the fouls and should not have done that. That other thing that we talked about was doing a good job on the backboards and they got 17 points off of offensive rebounds in the second half. Poor job of playing, worse job of coaching.”

On being short-handed and how adding in foul trouble hurt his team:
“It affected it. But that’s an excuse, too. Louisville beat North Carolina. But it affected it. We’re trying to draw stuff up out there, but every college has a problem with numbers and this time of year you have aches and pains, but that would be an excuse. And somebody kicked our tails so I’m not going to say anything trying to make excuses.”

On the late play in which Marcus Paige gave up the ball to J.P. Tokoto for a shot:
“We didn’t do what we were supposed to do. And J.P. shot in front of our bench down at the end. Not the shot that we wanted, but that’s bad coaching. Not the shot we wanted in any case.”

Were you getting the shots you wanted down the stretch?
“We got to the free throw line and we missed free throws too. I think Marcus made two and Nate made two. 8-16 in the second half and the overtime. Their defense was stronger than our offense and their offense was stronger than our defense. We were very fortunate that they controlled the game at our place for a long portion and Marcus made a great shot and I was so pleased with out kids because they showed some toughness and I thought today when we had the big lead that Louisville showed the toughness so much more than we did. I think it was 18, but it never felt comfortable because of the way they can score and the way they defend. Even when we were ahead I didn’t like the way we were playing.”

On if he felt the momentum shifting:
“A lot of the things we succeeded in we’re borderline, really. We had Brice and Kennedy not getting much out of them, and we have to get some scoring out of them even with the foul trouble and all of that kind of junk. I didn’t feel comfortable at that point. I never looked up and the score and saw what it was, but somebody said was 18. Again, I’ve seen Louisville score a lot of points quickly. If I’m down 18 I don’t think the game is over with until the clock runs down. National championship game one time in 03’ we were down 18 in the first half and we had a shot to tie the game.”

On Paige’s injury:
“He sprained his ankle again. He’s just been banged up quite a bit. J.P. with 6 turnovers, Marcus with 5 and Nate with 3 and that’s our three primary ball handlers. He just sprained his ankle.”

On Louisville’s great guard play:
“They are really good. That’s part of it right there. I’d have to do a lot of thinking to try and think of two people that can match what they have. I think they’ve proven it. It’s not just my opinion. You look at their stats and it’s pretty impressive. They are one of the few teams that their stats have gotten better since they started ACC play. They guard you. They rebound. Rozier did some rebounds off of the missed free throws that were a critical of the game too. But they guard you and they can score, and they make it hard on you too. Because on the break they just come right at you, and they come at you with such speed that it’s probably going to be a foul. If we had been a little better offensively we probably wouldn’t have given as many break opportunities and if we hadn’t turned the sucker over so many times we wouldn’t have given them as many opportunities in the open court. Not a lot to say. They kicked our rear ends and we’re getting the crap out of town.”

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