Strowbridge: 'The Best Fit For Me'

Shortly after Deerfield Beach (Fla.) defensive lineman Jason Strowbridge's Monday announcement that he has switched his commitment to UNC, he spoke with about his decision ...

Why switch your commitment from Kentucky to UNC?

“I just really had to reevaluate everything and think about it. I would really rather spend four years at North Carolina than Kentucky. The people at North Carolina, I felt like they were more genuine.”

You ended up taking four official visits over a two month span. What were those two months like?

“Every week I went somewhere different and I was like, ‘Man, I want to go here.’ But at the end of the day, I felt like Carolina was the best fit for me.”

When did you actually make the decision that North Carolina was the best fit for you?

“Actually, I made it maybe two weeks ago. I talked to a couple more coaches. And then I was like, ‘Wait, hold on,’ because they had a lawsuit. So I kind of backed off and was like [I’ll stick with] Kentucky. Coach [Gene] Chizik, they told me all what was going on and what was happening. He said it wasn’t anything new. About a week ago, I made up my mind.”

When did you tell the UNC coaches and what was their reaction?

“The same day that I made up my mind I told Coach [Larry] Fedora, [Larry] Porter, and [Keith] Gilmore. They were all fired up and excited about it.”

When did you tell the Kentucky coaches and how difficult was that?

“I think it was three or four days ago, maybe. My mom and dad told them, but I met with [the Kentucky coaches] after [my parents] let them know. It wasn’t too bad.”

What is the game plan for how UNC plans on uses you within its new defensive scheme?

“They said I’m going to be the power end – so I guess the strong-side end. That’s really where I expected to be at, because last year I was weak-side but I know I have to be a little faster to play that in college.”

There was a report that stated you were going to decide on Signing Day. Was that your original plan?

“Yea, it was at first. But I was like, ‘No’ because I didn’t want to do it on Signing Day and have all the coaches scramble to find someone else to replace me.”

Your first official visit was to UNC. What role did that play in your decision?

“I guess, being the first one I was kind of new to everything and everything was fresh. It wasn’t stressful like the last two or three.

“It’s a great place, a great campus. I liked the people. The players, I’m cool with all the players.”

UNC seemed to really put the “full court press” on you – meaning they sent coaches to your house every day that they could, including Fedora and Chizik. What did that say to you?

“Coach Chizik came in twice. What really impressed me was Coach Chizik visited me on his third or fourth day at North Carolina. He came down to see me first. That really made a statement right there.”

UNC has really put together quite a defensive line class, with all three DL signees being four-star prospects ranked in the Scout 300. What are your thoughts on being a part of that?

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s Aaron Crawford and Jalen [Dalton]. It’s definitely a confidence booster just having guys the same caliber as me. I know they’re going to work hard to get the job down.”

How does it feel to make this commitment and be finished with recruiting?

“It’s definitely a relief. Now there’s no more confusion about if I’m going here or there.”

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