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Andre Smith
Oct 14, 2013

To say that Andre Smith’s verbal commitment was a result of Dan Disch’s contacts in Jacksonville would be an understatement...
Inside The Commitment

Anthony Ratliff-Williams
March 10, 2014

UNC had so much faith in its evaluation system that it offered Ratliff before he became Butler’s full-time starting quarterback...
Inside The Commitment

Corey Bell
March 18, 2014

He impressed just about everyone in attendance at the Freak Show, including the UNC players that littered the field during the event...
Inside The Commitment

Mason Veal
March 28, 2014

Just before 6:30 on Friday, the UNC buses parked behind Ardrey Kell’s locker room. Moments later, Kapilovic’s cell phone was ringing with Veal’s name on the caller ID...
Inside The Commitment

Carl Tucker
April 12, 2014

Littrell is adding to the scheme the use of two different styles of tight end. When he evaluated Tucker on tape, Littrell saw the H-back he desired...
Inside The Commitment

Nathan Elliott
April 18, 2014

Once the decision was made to take a second QB, Heckendorf quickly identified Elliott as an under-the-radar prospect that brings a combination of athleticism and throwing ability...
Inside The Commitment

Aaron Crawford
May 20, 2014

The aforementioned efforts allowed UNC to receive Crawford’s first recruiting trip, which set the stage for his eventual commitment...
Inside The Commitment

Tommy Hatton
June 13, 2014

Fearing Chaffin might beat him to the punch, Hatton canceled trips to Virginia Tech and South Carolina and pledged to UNC...
Inside The Commitment

Johnathan Sutton
June 21, 2014

West jokingly told them that UNC named a restaurant on Franklin Street after Sutton and suggested he and his mother eat there...
Inside The Commitment

Juval Mollette
June 21, 2014

The staff devised a plan to conclude the Freak Show – they would assemble the verbal commits together and ask the remaining campers “Who’s Next?” ...
Inside The Commitment

Nick Polino
June 21, 2014

Chris Kapilovic ended up spending the entire school day at Buford High School speaking with people around the school before attending practice that afternoon...
Inside The Commitment

J.K. Britt
June 30, 2014

Kapilovic’s task was to prevent Britt from making a decision until he at least visited UNC. Britt agreed to hold off and attend Fedora’s Freak Show...
Inside The Commitment

Ty'Son Williams
July 29, 2014

Williams told his coaches that he wanted to hear from UNC. In response, Williams’s film was sent to Chapel Hill and within a week the Tar Heels offered him...
Inside The Commitment

Jalen Dalton
Nov. 13, 2014

The following morning, Dalton was scheduled to call UNC to inform the staff of his decision. Dalton no-showed the call...
Inside The Commitment

Charlie Heck
Dec. 1, 2014

When he arrived at Chapel Hill in mid-June for the Tar Heels’ camp, Heck possessed two uncoachable traits – size and athleticism...
Inside The Commitment

Mike Hughes
Dec. 22, 2014

Once on the ground and permitted to use cell phones, several UNC coaches were shocked to learn that Hughes had picked UNC...
Inside The Commitment

Jake Bargas
Jan. 19, 2015

Bargas had to fend off advances from other recruiters, but listened to Littrell’s pitch because of their prior relationship coupled with UNC’s academic reputation...
Inside The Commitment

Jason Strowbridge
Feb. 2, 2015

Strowbridge phoned Fedora and committed – prompting the coach's “Heel Yeah!” tweet – but Strowbridge wanted to wait to announce his commitment...
Inside The Commitment

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