Signee Quotables: Signing Reaction

After sending in their National Letter of Intent to the Kenan Football Center on Wednesday, the Tar Heel signees all spoke with Inside Carolina ...

What went through your mind as you faxed in your National Letter of Intent this morning?

Jake Bargas
“This means a lot, obviously. It’s a huge stepping stone in my career. It seals off an awesome high school career. It’s kind of like a new beginning. It’s time to go to work and start training for the next level. I’m looking forward to it. I’m excited and I’m ready for this recruiting process to be over. It’s been a fun process – a process where I’ve learned a lot – but it was stressful at times.”

Corey Bell
“I feel like I’m really a part of the team. Now, I’m done with recruiting – it’s time to get to work.”

Aaron Crawford
“It has really become real. I’ve been excited for it for a while. I think this will be the starting point and be the motivation to make it through the rest of the school year.”

Nathan Elliott
“I’m just really, really excited. A commitment is a big deal, but once you sign that paper, it becomes even bigger. I’m just ready to get everything rolling so I can get ready to play.”

Tommy Hatton
“It’s definitely a huge honor. It’s been my goal the whole time to go to college and play football – and to go for free, too. But, I’m focused now. My goal is to contribute right away.”

Charlie Heck
“I’m so excited that it’s finally official – I’m finally officially a Tar Heel. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. It’s been my dream for a long time.”

Mike Hughes
“It feels good, because I still have a few schools that are still trying to stay in contact with me. It feels good to sign with a place that I actually want to be and I’m glad to get recruiting out of the way.”

Nick Polino
“It’s surreal. It’s everything I’ve looked forward to since strapping on the helmet when I was six years old. I’ve been working up to that moment and signing on that dotted line it’s now concrete.”

Johnathan Sutton
“I’m just locking it in so that I can get my spot and show them what I have. And just play ball.”

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