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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - The head coach addressed the media ahead of his team's matchup with Boston College.

How did you go about balancing the need to practice and the need to get guys healthy?
“I don’t know how well we managed it, we tried. I gave everybody Tuesday off. Wednesday I just brought them in for a little bit of running and shooting, but did nothing team wise. Had yesterday a little bit shorter, but we did go a practice. Yesterday was the first day that Joel Berry has done anything live. He probably went 40-50 percent of the live stuff. Still didn’t have anybody else. Marcus was a little sore to start but he got a little better as practice went on. Today we’re having probably the day before a game but a little bit longer practice than we typically have the day before a game. It has been a balancing act of trying to give them some more time. We haven’t practiced in three weeks, basically. It is a balancing act and I guess we’ll find out the next week or so whether it has been good or bad.”

On Joel Berry’s recovery:
“Yesterday he’d play a play and I’d say, ‘Okay, get Joel, because you’re scared to death.’ Because the day that he hurt in again in practice, before practice he told me that he felt better than he’d felt in quite a while. Then boom, he tore the groin and 30 minutes later he’s out for 3 weeks. There’s a little bit of fear in his head coach right now.”

Is there a chance he could play this weekend?
“There’s a chance. I’d have to see two things. Number one how he feels today after yesterday and I haven’t spoken to him. What kind of stamina he has. I mean yesterday it was literally like the first practice of the year trying to just make sure at the end of the deal he was still there.”

On trying to turn things around on the road:
“I hope so. It is with me. This league, there is no good time, there really isn’t. You’re playing pretty dog on good teams, your place, their place, it makes no difference. I don’t think our team will panic just because we have a game on the road. We just have to play better than we have played the last two games. We played really good teams and could’ve played better and had a better chance to win, there is no questiom.”

On Marcus Paige’s comments following Monday’s loss:
“I heard he said something, but I haven’t read it. It wouldn’t surprise me if he scolded them a little bit. But I really don’t know what he said. I don’t try to control everything they say. And I don’t try to control how somebody reacts to it. I haven’t said one word to the team, but I chewed their butts out.”

Do you see any issues with guys not buying in?
“Buying in and being on the same page means two different things to me. Does it mean they are playing hard enough, are they pushing, and giving everything they have, or does it mean they are disagreeing? I have zero worries about our guys disagreeing with anything. You just have to be able to get your motor up there a little bit harder. I don’t have any, zero problems with somebody saying something about how you have to play harder and you have to care more, because there is that other side about not agreeing or buying in because you have to have enough shots. There is none of that, zero.

“I’m trying to get Brice and Kennedy’s hear rate a little higher because they do some really good things at certain parts of the game and they need to do better at other parts of the game. Marcus, I did not hear what he said, haven’t read it, but I bet he said something about how he needs to play better, I would bet that happened. I would bet that he said that because he’s such a team first guy that he can say almost anything and they would believe him and trust him. Can you change, but that other side, that’s not a concern at all.”

What stands out to you about Boston College?
“How they’ve played pretty doggone well, and they’ve been right there. I was just looking at some of these scores. I watched a little bit of their Syracuse game and they are down 20 and then all of a sudden with two minutes to play it’s a two-possession game. Hanlan really scares you to death because he can score in so many different ways, and I was looking at his assist ratio, and he’s got 99 assists. That’s more than anybody on our team has got. Jimmy has done a nice job his first year in. I think they have bought in to what he’s trying to do.

“Five guys moving around, trying to defend, sharing the basketball. I think watching the Notre Dame game last night, Hanlan made every shot down the stretch. Brown has really had some big games too. I think I saw he had 25 in one game or something like that. We have to do a good job of guarding their guards. Their post players have not been a dominant part of their offense but they really do a great job of what Jimmy wants them to do right now. I don’t want one of them to go off for 30 points just because I said that, but he’s really done a nice job with the team. Any idea how long will Theo Pinson will be out?
“No. Nothing has changed. They told me after four weeks to take a look at it. I guess we’re two weeks in. Wake Forest game was when he hurt it, so it’s not been very long.”

On the clock not starting at the end of the N.C. State game:
“I thought that was our SID’s responsibility at the scorer’s table [laughing]. We got back and somebody had called and sent a text to Eric, but I had never realized it and have never gotten any explanation for it other than it didn’t start. Nothing from the league that I know of. I think the only reason I knew it was 15 seconds was because it was 15 seconds on the shot clock and it went down and the other one never moved, and you can see that clearly on the T.V. copy, but I don’t think we ever received anything.”

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