Interview with Fred Bennett

Inside Carolina interviews speedy WR/CB target from South Carolina. Fred Bennett had offers from Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia Tech.

Inside Carolina talked with Fred Bennett from Manning HS in Manning, SC. Something interesting I learned about Fred is that he has a twin brother Sedrick Bennett. Sedrick is slightly shorter than Frederick (goes my Fred) and a little slower (Fred 4.4 vs. Sedrick 4.5). Fred was a fun guy to interview with some interesting insights into his recruitment.

Age: 17
HS: Manning
Height: 6-2
Weight: 180
40-time: 4.4
BP: 185
Position: WR/C
Catches: 3
Yards: approx. 500
TDs: 3
Tackles: 79
Ints: 7

Current Favorites: Clem, SCAR, UNC, GaT (all favorites have offered).

Inside Carolina – Which school is recruiting you the hardest Fred?

Fred Bennett – Clemson

Inside Carolina – Have you visited any schools unofficially?

Fred Bennett – Clemson (camp), SCAR, and Auburn

Inside Carolina – Did you have a favorite school growing up?

Fred Bennett – No, not really but I like Florida State now.

Inside Carolina – Have you set any official visits?

Fred Bennett – No, not yet.

Inside Carolina – When do you think you will decide?

Fred Bennett – I'm really not sure.

Inside Carolina – What do you like about North Carolina?

Fred Bennett – I have always liked watching their basketball team.

Inside Carolina – Is there anything about North Carolina that you do not like?

Fred Bennett – No, not really.

Inside Carolina – What is the most important thing to you about choosing a school?

Fred Bennett – Academics are important to me.

Inside Carolina – What are you interested in majoring in?

Fred Bennett – I'm not sure yet. Maybe computer programming.

Inside Carolina – Is there a lot of pressure for you to attend a school in South Carolina?

Fred Bennett – Oh yes. There are many people that are trying to get me to go to Clemson.

Inside Carolina – You mean like family and friends?

Fred Bennett – There have been a couple of players from this HS that have gone to Clemson (Brian Mance for one). Also, some of the coaching staff are big Clemson fans.

Inside Carolina – What makes you a good player?

Fred Bennett - I've got good size and I am fast.

Inside Carolina - Who is recruiting you from UNC?

Fred Bennett – Coach Caldwell.

Inside Carolina – Have you met any of the staff?

Fred Bennett – No, not yet.

Inside Carolina – Have you ever been to Chapel Hill?

Fred Bennett – No I haven't.

Inside Carolina – Do you plan to take an official visit to UNC?

Fred Bennett – Yes, I plan to take one of my official visits there.

Inside Carolina – Did you watch the UNC/OK game?

Fred Bennett – Well, it looked like UNC had a few mental breakdowns early and Ok broke the game open.

Inside Carolina – What are you going to be watching for when you watch your favorite teams play?

Fred Bennett – I'll be looking at how they play as a team and how they react when they are behind.

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