Felton At Home At UNC

MULLINS, S.C. --- After committing to North Carolina on Dec. 30, Jalek Felton put his complete focus on his high school basketball season. There were no interviews, no distractions, and -- since his return to the court on Jan. 13 – no losses, either.

Felton finished the regular season last week, averaging 29.7 points and 6.4 assists in helping Mullins to the Region 8-2A championship. He was also named region player of the year as Mullins went 10-0 in conference play and the Auctioneers will be one of the favorites when the Class 2A playoffs begin later this week.

After wrapping up his regular season, Felton sat down with Inside Carolina to comment briefly about his commitment, his season and his recent trip to Dean Smith’s house. You made your decision to commit Dec. 30 at the Beach Ball Classic. What prompted you to do it?
“I went to a (UNC) football game over the summer and (Roy Williams) said ‘call me whenever you are ready, just call me.’ I talked it over with my family, my mom, grandparents, my uncle (Raymond Felton) and felt like it was the move.
“I am really looking forward to playing at North Carolina. I just love North Carolina and the fast-paced game that they play. That fast-paced game fits me as a point guard. “

Since your commitment and before, you have made a lot of visits to UNC basketball games, and nowhere else. What has been the impact of those visits?
“The more and more I come, the more and more I feel at home. So I am really getting comfortable there.”

When you were younger, you got to watch your uncle Raymond Felton play at UNC. What do you remember about those times?
“I remember it was very loud and there was a lot of blue. I always wanted to play in that atmosphere. And as I got older, everywhere you go you see someone with Chapel Hill on and a light blue shirt.”

Are you close with any of the other UNC recruits?
“I am really close with Dennis Smith and Jaylen Brown.”

You got a chance to meet the late Dean Smith last summer. How did that come about and what did you take from it?
“Me, my uncle and Coach Williams were at a shootaround one day and Coach Williams said we needed to go see him because he wasn’t feeling good that day. So we got done with our pickup game around 5-5:30 and went over there to see him. He didn’t really remember anybody. Me not knowing who he really was, that didn’t really affect me, but after seeing how it affected my uncle it really touched me, too.

Your high school Mark Gerald died before the season started. How has that affected you and the team?
“It’s been tough. We (the team) talk about him all the time. We try not to think about it sometimes but it is hard not to. When we are on the court and in the locker room, it is hard to not hearing his voice. But we have dedicated this season to him and hopefully we can win a championship for him.”

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