UNC-NCSU: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's loss to N.C. State ...

Opening Remarks:
"Congratulate Mark and his club. They were dominating from the first get-go. Before I even get to that, let me say something really clear. Our crowd was great tonight, we let them down. They were sensational, they were off the charts. Coach let them down, players, we just--early in the game they dominated everything, intimidated us inside. Cat controlled the game, they controlled the game inside with their unwillingness to give us easy shots. Made a nice run but runs don't do you any good unless you're tough enough to keep going...I hate it for our crowd because God Almighty they were so good. Challenged them last game and they came out and were fantastic and the basketball coach and the basketball team didn't standup to our part."

Late game execution, is that a matter of poise?
"Yes. Just silly poise - no poise is what it was. Never had a play where our big guy shoots a three-point shot unless he could really shoot threes ... Kennedy just didn't know what to do so he shot it. We had a set play called twice in a row and didn't execute that so that's Coach's fault."

When facing a shotblocker and the pump fakes don't work, what's the key?
"Pump fake and go at him strong. Don't pump fake 17 times and try to take the softest shot in the history of basketball. You've got to be tough, it's a physical game. You've got to be strong and if you don't have a good shot throw it back out and re-post."

Marcus only had one shot attempt in the first half ...
"It was awful. We had guys with six and seven shots shooting bad percentages and he's 1-for-1. He's got to be more aggressive, we've got to look for him more and other guys have got to take shots they can make."

How much did Cat Barber on Marcus Paige impact the late-game problems?
"He's an emphasis for the other team. We've got to do a better job of getting him open, he's got to do a better job moving, but other guys have to step up and make a shot every now and then. ... It looked like a team in those last 3-4 minutes that had never had a practice."

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