Players post-game quotes - Maryland


Billy Dee Greenwood


[on Maryland's last drive]


"They came out and tried to power the ball down on us, and they were getting off on a few quick counts, so we weren't able to get our defense set like we wanted too."


"We knew the run was coming, we just weren't able to stop it"


[on North Carolina's confidence]


"We were confident coming into the game, definitely, because we thought the defense had played well, especially in the last three quarters of the game last week, so we did come into this game with some confidence."


"Defensively, we tried to carry that over to this game, but unfortunately a couple of missed tackles and defensive plays we had last week cost us a couple of touchdowns."


"We were not tired in the fourth quarter, it was just some situational things, we were backed up, and it is always tough on the defense when you're backed up."


Chesley Borders


[on the safety]


"As far as his alignment, I knew he was blitzing, it was just a matter of whether I could get there.  He was already inside the inside receiver.  It was just of matter of could I get there before he blitzed."


"I was covering for somebody else."


"It was a big momentum [killer]"


[on Darian Durant's play]


"When he is called upon, he can make great plays, whenever he came in, I just said, ‘Make the play. Do the best you can to make things happen while you are in there."


Adam Metts


[on the lack of success on second down, and the double inside blitz]


"We knew what was coming, they were blitzing on second down, bringing two backers in the holes, and it seemed like we were one man short everytime"


"You can't be one-man short, it feels like we were one man short.  You can't be one-man short, and they capitalized on that."


"We have to be ready for it.  We know it going to be coming at us, and there are going to be a lot of blitzes coming at us, not going to just be that one…we got to stop it up."


"We have to go back, watch game film and figure it out."


[on Parker's touchdown]


"It was a momentum setter, you score like that, you're all excited, you're like, ‘Yeah, we're going to come out and play.'"


"You have to give a lot of credit to Maryland.  They came and fought back, their defense played real well, they game-planned against us well."


"It is heartbreaking to have that on the first play and not follow up on it at all."


"We have a lot of potential, but the definition of potential is that you haven't done anything yet."


[on getting ready for the next game]


"You have to take this upset feeling and use it for motivation. We just got to go and play ball.  All it is is straightening out simple things, picking up your man, beating the man ahead of you, picking up assignments and thinking one first down at a time.


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