Larry Fedora After Practice

CHAPEL HILL, NC - Watch and read Larry Fedora's comments from spring practice on the team's defense, the new coaches, the quarterbacks and more.

“Good day. Day two. Two days of install and we got a lot done in two days. We’ve still got a long way to go, but it was a good day.”

What are some of the positions where there are going to be heated battles?
“That was kind of one of our objectives this spring was to have competition at every single position. That is what we are trying to develop, as much competition at each of the positions as possible so that we are developing depth at the same time that we are competing for that top spot.”

How as the transition been with the new defensive staff?
“I think it has been good for the first two days. They’ve had two days of install. Kids are learning. A lot of the concepts are different for them so they are really having to work hard at concentrating and focusing on what their job is, but I think they’ve done a good job.”

How are they responding to having new coaches?
“We’ve got some new guys over there with a new philosophy and a new defense. I think they are excited about it and anxious to show who they really are."

How are the nine early enrollees doing?
“Their heads are smoking and not just because of the weather. It is two days of install, it is two days of college classes. We are right at that point in the semester where they are having tests and papers and midterms and all of those things, so it is tough on them. All nine of those guys have done a really nice job bonding together and bonding with the team and the team is bringing them along. So they are doing a good job.”

What is Marquise able to do this spring?
“A lot of mental reps. He is able to help Caleb Henderson and Anthony Ratliff and he is able to do a lot of coaching and a lot learning at the same time.”

How big of a change stylistically will the new defense be?
“You still have to line up and make tackles and run to the football, all of those things. You go from a 4-2-5 to a 4-3 to the naked eye probably a lot of people wont see a lot of difference in alignment. We will probably be a little bit simpler in what we do.”

Has Coach Chizik spent some more time with any specific position group?
“He has kind of been floating around. He’s been with the secondary, linebackers and D-line, so he’s moving around quite a bit. I haven’t spent a lot of time watching what he’s doing, but he told me he’s been moving around quite a bit.”

Have you seen more continuity and a better rhythm from the offense?
“The first unit that goes out there, those guys know what to do. The challenge for those guys is to take it to another level. What we were last year wasn’t good enough. It was average. And we don’t expect to be average so we have to get a lot better, so they have to push each other to be better.”

How big is it for Mitch to get more reps this spring?
“Every one of them is getting more reps because there is one less quarterback. So I think it is valuable for every one of them. And Kanler Coker and Caleb Henderson and Anthony Ratliff, and Mitch, it is just more reps that they are getting so I think that makes them better.”

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