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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Inside Carolina's pregame coverage includes quotes from head coach Roy Williams's press conference ahead of Saturday's matchup with Duke.

Did you bring up the last game in Durham with team, and if so, what were the focal points?
“Yeah we brought it up. Because when we are looking at clips of Duke in our scouting report, what better information can you have than the clips of the last game. We do it in the scouting report like that, but it is not something we spend all the time on. They’ve played games since then and we have played games since then. There might be some differences but we do show them some clips, not all the clips are from our Duke game because they have played four or five since then that we have some clips from also. We did some really good things and we stunk it up some time. It is not a revenge kind of thing, it’s just another thing.’

Are we going to see Joel James early on Saturday?
“Probably like we did over there. I don’t think it’s going to be dictated by the opponent in any game we play. It is how well we perform in practice and games. I’ve never been one to put a guy in just to foul a guy because I want us to earn the time in practice. But Joel has been doing some good things so I think it’d be very similar.”

What did Duke do so successful against Marcus Paige last game?
“They defended him very well. He didn’t shoot it very well. He rushed a lot of his plays. So it was a little bit of both. He didn’t play as well as we wanted him to play, but they did a good job of trying to keep the ball away from him by putting extra emphasis on him, which they should. It was successful along with the fact that he was disappointed in his own play too. I think everybody was disappointed. That moment, I was crushed. But the sun came up the next day and we get a chance to try and do it again.”

Is there any momentum that can be gained going into the postseason by winning this game?
“Coach Smith used to say that you gain your momentum once you get into a tournament. I believe that if you look back at the records that would bear that out to be true. It is always good to win. Period. I don’t care when it is. I always like to win the last game and play well for the seniors. I don’t even know which seniors I’m going to be able to play because Luke hurt his food, so I don’t know who I am going to start. I look at it more as the last senior home game.”

On Joel Berry’s last two games:
“It is health is what it really is. He had started playing better right before he had the groin pull and done some good things, but then all of a sudden he sits out seven games. I think it is getting healthy and talent. He is not afraid to make a big play. He has won state championships and I think he is the first person to win Mr. Basketball in Florida three years in a row. He’s played under some pressure before, but I just think it is him getting healthy.”

On Theo Pinson coming back against Georgia Tech and his expectations going forward:
“He came out the game talking even more than he did going in. Announced to everybody that he scored five points in two minutes, which is a pretty good average. And the freshmen were 13-21, so his mouth never got hurt. I have no idea. Physically he came out of it find. I told him I was not going to play him, but with the score what it was I knelt down in front of him and said, do you think it would help you to get in the game right now and not have to wait until Saturday to have to get your feet back out there in the fire and he said yes. So I said ok. Physically, the doctors told me he was fine to play but he had only had one practice. I had to rediagram a play that we had run earlier in the year because he had gotten it completely. We’ve only had one practice since then, so I don’t have any time period in my mind for minutes whatsoever.“

How much do you need out of J.P. Tokoto as a versatile defender?
“We need him to play well and he was really good in that game. He’s been really good in some other games. Against Virginia I don’t know who was out there. It wasn’t J.P. We need him to be a big time player for us tomorrow. If you think about it we need everybody in our lineup to play well or we aren’t going to win. We really need that. We’ve had teams in the past where we can get by without certain guys playing well, but so far this year, the games we’ve won, everybody has played pretty doggone well. In the games we’ve lost, more than one guy hasn’t played well.”

Does it trouble you that Duke has been getting the one-and-done type of recruits?
“What troubles me is that for three years we have been trying to recruit with a lot of junk going on. That has not been very comfortable and I am looking to having the junk over with and see if we can get back to doing some good things. We’ve been able to get some really good kids, but the toughest thing is that we haven’t been able to get kids on campus like the last nine years I was on campus and the first six years here. When I worked a kid and wanted a kid, we always at least got him on campus. And the last three years we have had a bus load of kids that we couldn’t even get on campus.”

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