UNC-Duke: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. - Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes video and quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's loss against Duke.

Opening Comments:
"Tired of saying this, but congratulate Duke. They did some really good things. Tyus 12-12 from the foul line, seven assists and one turnover. Jahlil made some big hoops for them down the stretch. Quinn made a couple big baskets driving. They're a really good basketball team. We had a tough stretch in there - we had three straight turnovers ... and all of a sudden it's a nine-point game. Turnovers and their offensive rebounding in the second half hurt us ... We played pretty doggone well except for a four or five minute stretch there. I've got to do a better job of getting them to focus. Can't have those stretches there against a really good basketball team. And I hate it on Senior Day. But I was spoiled rotten: 10 years as an assistant coach we always won on Senior Day, first 24 years as a head coach we won on every one, and now we've lost two of the last three. So whatever I was doing earlier, I've got to go back to doing a better job."

The edge in the paint in the first meeting was 20 points, what was the difference tonight?
"Early on we were settling too much for jump shots. They shoot 26 free throws, we shoot 13... today they were more aggressive driving the ball to the basket. Early in the game we're shooting fadeaways, never did get a post presence established inside. ... We were too quick shooting the ball on the perimeter as well. Bad shots are just like turnovers and lead to runouts for them. I thought we were much more aggressive getting the ball to the basket over there than we were today."

Heading into the postseason do you think you're still trying to figure your team out, in that they play well in stretches and then ...
"I don't know, I think it's typical what we have in college basketball. There's no question about the focus and not having the lapses, and today it was huge ... We have good kids, but they can't feel like they have to do it themselves. ... We know what the problem is - maintaining the focus - and we've got to do a better job with it."

What could you have done differently to minimize the decisive Duke run?
"Get better shots. I didn't like our shots. Throw a soft layup, they block it, then come down and take a quick jumper with two passes. Trying to keep fresh people out there and it didn't work."

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