This Week With Mike Fox

Inside Carolina caught up with head coach Mike Fox after the Diamond Heels’ Monday afternoon field work. The team won its first ACC Series against Duke and is 10-4 (2-1 ACC) heading into a road trip on Tuesday to Coastal Carolina before hosting Gardner-Webb on Wednesday and then on to Pittsburgh for another ACC weekend series

Can you discuss Zac Gallen's return to the weekend rotation with his performance on Friday against Duke?
"Zac was sensational for us. He pitched really well for us the weekend before against Rhode Island in some really miserable conditions. He has always been a guy for us that we have an extreme amount of confidence in - he just throws a lot of strikes. I think he pitched with a little bit of an edge on Friday. Obviously we moved him to the fourth starter to start the season and he didn't like that I'm sure but he pitched well in his first outing and then the next thing you know he is pitching on Friday for us in our first ACC series. That is how things can change so quickly. He certainly was sensational against Duke, pitched a lot of first pitch strikes and was very much in attack mode. He certainly gave us a big chance to win."

Do you have an update on Benton Moss's status after being scratched from starting on Sunday?
"I don't. Benton is having further evaluation on Wednesday afternoon. We will know more about Benton's situation Wednesday afternoon."

With the first five game week, what plans do you have for your pitching depth in the mid-week games?
"We are going to start Hunter Williams against Coastal [Carolina] tomorrow and Brett Daniels against Gardner-Webb on Wednesday. Obviously we hope those guys pitch well and can give us at least five innings, maybe more. Then we will use our bullpen. A bright spot for us yesterday was Jason Morgan getting a chance to finally get out there for us after all of his illness. I'm sure he will get a chance to pitch as well as all of our relievers most likely."

The Diamond Heels showed some great timely defense - in particular with the great diving stop by Zack Gahagan at first that saved a pair of runs...
"We did play better defense this week, which we really needed to. Part of our game that really had been lacking until then. We needed to play good defense against Duke. Where I sit in the dugout I had the perfect view of that. I saw the ball come off the left hander's bat and you know Zack had been a shortstop in high school and we had him at third and really just transitioned him to first in pre-season. He did not play a lot of first in the fall but he has taken to it very quickly and is a good athlete, very adaptable and obviously saved us two runs. Of course he hit a home run yesterday and with two this week with another one earlier against Liberty. He's got a little bit of confidence and he is a big strong kid and looks the part with a good demeanor and a very calm approach about him. We think he is going to be a good player for us."

No Diamond Heel had a better week than senior Trevor Kelley …
"I think he threw 12 1/3 innings this week and won our WHIP leader this week which is walks and hits given up per innings pitched and it is the lowest on the team. We certainly needed every out and every outing from him. At Liberty and then seeing him and pitch as well as he did - seeing seniors and watching them have success - I told our players the other day one of the most fun parts of coaching is seeing seniors play really well and he did that. He is a special kid and we are happy for him."

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