Roy Williams Radio Show Quotes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Did you miss what Roy Williams said on his radio program on Monday night? Here are excerpts from the live show hosted by Jones Angell ...

On his team's ball movement against Duke:
“We just didn’t get the ball where we needed it to go. We weren’t patient enough. You have to move the ball a little bit before you try and drive the ball to the basket. We turned it over more in this game than at Cameron. It is not what we wanted. I think the 62 points in the paint is the most ever in an ACC game and we needed some of that kind of thing again.”

On UNC's offensive efficiency on Saturday:
“The problem is we let them do the same thing, but we just couldn’t get over the hump. We had a seven-point lead and both times we did, it was bam-bam and all of a sudden they scored five points and did it quickly and then we turned it over and missed an easy shot. When we were up seven we bounced it inside to Kennedy and he was ready to go up and just lost control of the ball, and we were up seven and they go down and make a three, and we miss and they go down and make a two and it is a different game.”

On his players performances against Duke:
“We didn’t play well. Brice did a good job, Marcus did a good job. Justin Jackson did okay, he did a nice job. It was different degrees; some of them scored and some of them defended, but really no one else in our lineup played well enough to give us some things. Usually when that happens you are usually going to lose. We did some good things and got some wins on the road, but the last home games to N.C. State and Duke, we lost both of those. So no, I don’t feel good and I’m not happy about it, but you have to go on.”

On scouting BC and Georgia Tech:
“We will have a couple coaches going over and we practice tomorrow morning. We will hang around and eat some lunch and then watch the second half on the bus going over.”

On getting the No. 5 seed as opposed to the No. 4 seed in the ACC
“I always want to finish as high as you can finish. But it was not in our control. When Louisville beat Virginia, they were the No. 4 seed regardless of whether we won the game or not. But somehow I forgot to tell my team the game on Saturday didn’t mean anything. It was North Carolina versus Duke and I wanted to win. I wanted the fourth seed and to play well. I said we provided some entertainment, but it is not just entertainment for me, I want to win the sucker. There is not a big difference. The four seed gets the extra day of rest and the fifth seed gets a game under their belt, but you still have to play on game day and that is all it boils down to. I told my team today I was taking four suits because I was planning on being their four days.”

On Kennedy Meeks:
“You need to be able to be explosive. I’ve said that since the first day. You lose the weight, but you have to be more explosive. You can’t shoot that ball against everybody’s armpits because it usually doesn’t go in. He has to have enough lift to get up there. That is a big-time challenge for Kennedy in the offseason is to try and become a more explosive athlete. Kennedy has enough moves; he just has to get better lift.”

Do you feel as though the press bothered you on Saturday?
“It did bother us. It was probably the thing I was most irritated about. We’ve had 91 practices and worked on it 91 times and we looked like we were totally disorganized and as a coach, that irritates the dickens out of you, so I let them know that. We worked on it again today and it was the kind of thing where we had no explanation for it because when we got to the right spot, we had no problem. It’s 18-, 19-, 20- and 21-year-old kids and that was the bottom line. I love for teams to press us because it gets the ball in the open court and we are great in the open court. The press hurt us. We had the 10-second violation. I’ve been coaching for 37 years and I think that is the second one I’ve ever had. It was just bizarre.”

In your time as a coach, how has recruiting changed the most?
“It is definitely more difficult. It used to be a kid could get a scholarship offer and be ecstatic, but now a kid wants to know how fast he can get to the NBA. College has gotten to be a bus stop for a lot of the kids. So many more people are involved. There is a culture out there that so many people want to be involved and truly are involved. It’s not just mom and dad and the kid kind of thing. That is the biggest change. Coach Smith was very private about our recruiting and almost to the point of trying to be secret about it and he thought that was the best way.

"Now I’ll go to a home and be spoiled rotten, go get in the private plane and fly home, and Wanda will tell me what I said in the home because it is all over the world. That is a huge change. There aren’t any sleepers anymore, either, because there isn’t anybody that somebody hasn’t seen. But it has gotten so much more difficult because there are so many more people. It used to be the in-state school and maybe one or two others and now nobody cares. There are no boundaries. You don’t stay in the southwest or northeast, you go recruit everywhere. The culture has made it not nearly as much fun.”

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