UNC-BC: Roy Williams Postgame

GREENSBORO, N.C. - Inside Carolina's postgame coverage includes quotes from head coach Roy Williams's postgame press conference following UNC's win over Boston College in ACC Tournament on Wednesday.

Opening comments:
“Well, we feel really good about the outcome. It is hard for B.C. to play two straight days like that. It is hard in this tournament. But we have to put that out of our mind because we get a chance to do it tomorrow and it is an opportunity. I think [Olivier] Hanlan is just so, so hard to guard. I think J.P. did a really nice job on him. Marcus had him some and Joel had him some. He’s a big-time player and our goal was to try and make sure that he didn’t shoot a good percentage. And 5-for-19 just happened. Jimmy [Christian] has done a heck of a good job with his club. To have that big losing streak and then turn around and win four in a row is something that I am sure the BC people like that. He’s really a good, good coach. Aaron Brown has 20 for them and Hanlan had 18 and those are their two leading scorers, but we were trying to make sure they didn’t make as high a percentage. They shot 37 [percent] for the game.

"We ought to get all over J. Cole (Justin Coleman) for missing that layup, it would’ve been 50 percent for the game. I thought Marcus played well with 17 points, nine assists and six rebounds. J.P. [Tokoto] with four assists, zero turnovers and nine rebounds. Brice early was a scoring thing for us. The second half we had one stretch where we missed three layups in four possessions. The guys kept playing. They got it to eight and they shoot a three from the corner and it goes all the way in, then out. It could’ve been a five point game. Instead we go down and Joel Berry gets fouled and makes two free throws and Marcus makes a good pass to Brice. It was eight and then we scored again and it was 14, so that was a big moment for us. But we got three straight great shots during that time period. But we are fortunate and happy to still be here.”

On J.P. Tokoto’s performance:
“I think he did a great job blocking that jump shot from the baseline in the first half and I think that always affects a guy because J.P. is quick enough and long enough to do those things, and what I said to him at the end was a personal thing about how good a year I think he has had.”

Do you think your team rallied around Kennedy Meeks?
“I do. I think that so many times since I have been coaching, especially when I was with Coach Smith, I saw that kind of thing happen... We have no idea, guys. The doctors may have known something because we took him back for some more lab work today, but we didn’t know what the result was before the game. And during the game I didn’t ask him. But my guess is that if we find out, Steve [Kirschner] will let everybody know, but I don’t expect to play. He hasn’t practiced, hasn’t run up and down the court since the Duke game. Not one single time, so I don’t expect him to play.”

On J.P. not getting graded out as the best defensive player on his team versus other coaches saying he could be the best defender in the league:
“I am one of those coaches that says J.P. could be one of the best defenders in our league also. We are asking him to do a lot. He has to get to the backboards. I think he was sensational there for us today. He had a game against North Carolina State in Raleigh that was as good a defensive game as I have ever had a player play against a very good player. I think he did a great job today. I think he had a fantastic game up at BC, if I am not mistaken. He was 5:0 assist ratio and 4:0 today so we are asking him to do a lot of things. Defensively, you have to have a lot of discipline. When J.P. puts his mind to it, he is really, really good. Sometimes his mind tends to waver, but I will let J.P. answer that. I have tremendous confidence that he can be a big-time defender and has shown he can do that. I think the little things sometimes slide by thinking that he is going to block the guy's shot by jumping over the trombone guy on the band.”

On expectations for the third game with Louisville:
“We have had two sensational games. They should probably have won the game at our place, and we should probably have won the game at their place. But it is two teams that really fight like crazy. We came back from a big deficit at our place and they came back from a big deficit at their place. I think it is two teams that like to compete. They really manhandled us at their place on the offensive backboards, especially in the second half. I expect it’ll be a hard-fought game, but I have no idea. You just wait until you get out there.”

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