Pritchett Wants to See UNC

BUFORD, Ga. --- Tyler Pritchett has legitimately attempted to visit North Carolina on at least two occasions. Unfortunately, each attempt has fallen through for the 6-foot-3, 275-pound offensive lineman from Auburn (Ala.) High.

“A teammate of mine, Tyus Flakes, he went up there and visited, and I was supposed to go with him, but I had a family issue,” Pritchett said. “Another buddy of mine was up there [on Saturday] for spring break and I would have gone with him if [the Nike Opening Regional] wasn’t happening.

“But, I’m going to try to get up there. If I can’t get up there for the spring game, then I’m going to camp up there. And you never know – I could go up there and fall in love and commit. You just never know.”

Pritchett’s failure to visit isn’t a reflection of his feelings towards the Tar Heels. When he named his top five schools a month ago, UNC was included – along with Indiana, Louisville, Missouri, and South Carolina.

The aforementioned top five list has since been scrapped by Pritchett.

“New offers started to come in and my mom and dad told me ‘Just don’t be in a hurry,’” Pritchett said. “They want me to be sure about my decision and make sure it’s right. They thought I should sit down and evaluate, but they told me it was my choice. I sat down and thought about it and decided maybe I should back off from it a little bit.”

Twenty-plus schools – including Clemson, Cincinnati, Florida, Mississippi State, Missouri, UNC, and South Carolina – have offered Pritchett. But persistence has distinguished the Tar Heels.

“Coach Kap [Chris Kapilovic] and Coach [Larry] Fedora do a really good job of showing that they’re really interested and they really want me up there,” Pritchett said. “I haven’t been up there, but the fact they stay in touch so often means a lot to me.”

Pritchett receives a Twitter direct message from Kapilovic almost every other day and one from Fedora almost every other week.

“They say they really want me up there bad,” Pritchett said. “I think they said they’re only taking three [offensive] linemen, maybe. And they have [Caleb Peterson] from Auburn and they want another Auburn lineman.

“Coach Kap told me it’s a high possibility that I’ll play earlier if I continue to work. He knows I can play any position on the offensive line. I think [I’ll play] wherever the team is going to need me. I don’t want to sit on the bench until my junior year – I want to go in and possibly take somebody’s spot or split reps with somebody.”

Pritchett transferred to Auburn High from Fairfield (Ala.) Restoration Academy prior to the 2014 season. He went on to start that inaugural year at left tackle for the Tigers.

Since the end of the football season, Pritchett has visited one school – Florida a week ago. During the football season, all but one of his trips were to in-state schools Alabama and Auburn. The lone exception was Mississippi State.

If and when he visits UNC, Pritchett is looking to verify what he has already heard about the school.

“I know Coach Kap and Coach Fedora and I talk to both of them a lot and they’re both great people – I know that – outside of football,” Pritchett said. “And I know they’re great hosts from what my teammates have said. I’ve heard great things about the campus [and] I’ve heard great things about the facilities, so I just want to see Chapel Hill for myself.”

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