Jones Receives UNC Offer Update

Emmanuel Jones planned to attend North Carolina’s spring scrimmage last Saturday. Unfortunately, his transportation that morning fell through. To compensate, he attended Tuesday’s practice.

“It went really well,” Jones said. “I just watched the guys practice and just talked to Coach [Gunter] Brewer. It was actually fun.”

The last time Jones, a 6-foot-1, 185-pound wide receiver from Asheboro (N.C.), observed a UNC practice Eric Ebron was donning a Tar Heel jersey. Therefore, Tuesday’s experience had a somewhat pristine feel to it as Jones fixated on the wide receiver group, which was coached by Gunter Brewer.

“I actually think he’s one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever met,” Jones said. “He’s just fun to be around.”

While in Chapel Hill that day, Jones had several conversations with Brewer, who extended the invitation to Saturday's scrimmage.

“He talked about just coming up there and spending more time with him and some of the guys,” Jones said.

Brewer also updated Jones on the status of a potential UNC scholarship offer.

“He told me that they already have enough spots,” Jones said. “He said if a couple of guys leave early, I’m probably going to be offered.

“I actually like that he’s being honest with me. He actually told me that some colleges will be a jerk to you and tell you that they want you. But he wanted me to know what was going on – he doesn’t want to lie.”

Regardless, Brewer still would like to see Jones at camp this summer. In fact, Brewer has invited Jones to Fedora’s Freak Show. Jones gladly accepted the invitation.

Further evidence that Jones harbors no ill feelings for the scholarship status update: UNC is the only school found in his favorites list that hasn’t offered.

“The school of North Carolina is a good school,” Jones said. “You know you’re going to get a good education there. Coach [Larry] Fedora, he treats his guys as if they’re his own kids.”

Filling out Jones’s favorite schools list are East Carolina, NC State, and West Virginia.

“They are great schools and people I know go there,” Jones said. “And they’re not too far away from home.”

Outside of his favorites, Jones also holds a scholarship offer from Charlotte.

Tuesday’s UNC visit was Jones’s first recruiting trip in quite some time. Next up: East Carolina’s Spring Game on April 18.

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