Md. Safety Has Great UNC Visit

Potomac (Md.) Bullis teammates Cameron Brown and Patrick Johnson traversed the Tar Heel state during their spring break late last month. The first stop on the tour was UNC.

“It was a great visit,” Johnson said. “I loved the school. The coaches are great. It has great academic support. What’s better than a UNC degree?”

After spending five to six hours in Chapel Hill, Johnson, a 5-foot-11, 182-pound safety, traveled west on I-40 the next day to check out Wake Forest. He made it back to his hotel in Durham that night and then visited NC State and Duke on consecutive days.

Prior to his tour of N.C. schools, Johnson has visited Maryland, Rutgers, Penn State, Towson and Virginia. He plans to return to Penn State in a couple of weekends.

Johnson, who has collected a baker’s dozen of scholarship offers, won’t name favorite schools until the summer. In the process of trimming his list of options, he’ll be evaluating each school’s academic support program, engineering department, and campus environment, as well as his relationship with its coaching staff.

Once on UNC’s campus for his late March visit, Patrick examined a lot of the aforementioned characteristics during a campus tour.

“We went to the engineering department,” Warren said. “It’s not that big of a campus, so you can’t get lost. But there’s plenty of action on campus.”

Patrick then met with Charlton Warren, UNC’s defensive backs coach.

“He basically talked about how he would fit into the scheme of the defense that they play,” Johnson said. “He said I would be a perfect fit. He sees me more of a safety than a corner, because I’m not scared to make a tackle like some corners. I love to be in the box, but I can play back because of my ball-hawking skills. So I’d be the type of safety that would come into the box from time to time, depending on the offensive play.”

Johnson is used similarly at Bullis – as a fourth linebacker on some plays and then as an over-the-top center fielder on others. He collected 48 tackles and five interceptions as a junior.

A meeting with Gene Chizik, UNC’s defensive coordinator, followed Patrick’s session with Warren.

“He just talked about how good of an athlete I am and how he wants me to be a part of their system,” Johnson said.

Before heading out to Navy Field to catch the first half of UNC’s practice that day, Johnson met with Larry Fedora.

“He just talked about UNC and how great the school is and how it could help me academically,” Johnson said.

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