Ingram Names Favorites, Sets UNC In-Home

TIGARD, Ore. -- After continuing to impress this week at the Hoop Summit, elite 2015 wing prospect Brandon Ingram updated his recruitment, noting his current group of favorites and his first scheduled in-home visit - with UNC.

Where does your list stand right now? Have you been able to dwindle it down any further?
I have not gotten it down, but my favorites are Duke, North Carolina, Kansas and Kentucky. Those are my favorites right now.

North Carolina’s J.P. Tokoto announced he is going pro. Does that impact your recruitment in any way?
It affects me a little bit. Either way going in there, I knew I was going to work into a role where I could potentially start. I believe in Coach Williams. I trust him through the scandal thing and everything. Whether he left or not I knew I’d be good.

At McDonald’s, you told a reporter that without the investigation at UNC you would have already committed there. Can you expand on that?
In November I was looking at that school a lot. In the summer, Kansas, Kentucky and UCLA had come on. After those visits, I couldn’t go ahead and commit.

Where does Duke stack up in your recruitment?
They stack up good. I’m still looking at what guys are leaving from there and seeing if Tyus and I guess it depends on if Jahlil [Okafor] and Justise [Winslow] where they go, if he’ll stay or not.

Does Justise impact you one way or another, seeing that you all play a similar position?
Either way it’s a good fit. I talked to Coach K and he was talking about him leaving, but he said if he doesn’t leave how scary it could be.

What sticks out to you about Kentucky?
Just how Coach Calipari develops his guys. He develops those players to get to the next level after college basketball. He knows those kids and can help get them to the NBA.

Have they talked to you about all seven of their players going pro?
He has. I think he will come in for an in-home visit and we will talk more about it.

Do you know when that visit will be?
I don’t know. The only one that is set up right now for an in-home is North Carolina on the 22nd. Then Kansas will come after I leave Hoop Summit.

You mentioned Kansas as one of your favorites as well. What sticks out about them?
Of course, I see Kelly Oubre is leaving so that leaves them open. I’ve talked to a couple of players from Kansas. I’m curious if Wayne Selden is going to leave or not and of course they need another big guy.

The four schools you said were your favorites all had guys who were impact players at your position last year. Have you been tracking that?
Of course. That’s been in my research. I just want to go in and make an impact right away.

Have you thought about a timeframe for making your choice?
I’m thinking about trying to make a decision by the end of the month. I want to sit down with my parents and my coaches.

Will you do in-home visits with your four favorites before you decide?
Yeah. I’d do an in-home with all six (finalists).

Do you expect that to happen?
I do.

by Sean Moran

How has the Hoop Summit experience gone so far?
It’s been going pretty good. I think the effort is there and we are getting after it defensively and developing pretty good chemistry.

The U.S. coaches had you playing both the three and the four positions in practice. How did it feel to play both?
Well, the three is my natural position, but I’m a basketball player. I’ve been playing the four and the coach talked to me and told me that Kevin Durant played the four when he was here and he stretched the floor a lot so I think playing the four can help the team.

You had a great week during the McDonald’s All-American practices and games. How do you think your overall play was?
I think it was pretty good. I opened a lot of people’s eyes that I think should have been opened before. It was a good experience for me and I have to give the glory to some of my teammates for helping me build my confidence up so that I could show what I can do.

In the first half it looked like you were on your way to the MVP. What was the game experience like?
The game was actually pretty fun and I think the practices were important. In the game, well, it was great. Shots were falling and we actually had it tied at the end of the third but then it got away from us.

High school and NBA scouts were buzzing last week about your play with talk that you could make a big jump in the rankings. Do you follow where people have you ranked?
I follow the rankings a little bit, but I’ve just been trying to show people that I can play.

Last year it seemed that you turned the corner at the Adidas Unrivaled camp in July. At that camp you mentioned you were trying to be more aggressive. Is that still one of your goals?
I think it’s becoming natural now. When I step on the court I have a different approach now and I just want to be aggressive the whole time.

In a few interviews in Chicago you mentioned that you probably would have committed to UNC but the academic scandal made you hold off. Since it looks like a final decision on that investigation is not coming soon, how will this enter into your thought process for your selection? br> Well, of course I would have committed to UNC, but I think the thing that altered that a little bit was the fact that Kansas, Kentucky, and UCLA came in this summer and then I took those visits in October and that opened my eyes a little bit. I had been going to all of the in-state schools and I had got wrapped up and just needed some more time. I think UNC still sits pretty well with me. I’ve been talking to the coaches about the allegations and I think I’ll know something soon.

J.P. Tokoto announced that he was entering the NBA draft. Given that he plays the same position what did that news mean to you?
Either way I’ve been talking to Coach Williams and if J.P. didn’t leave or if he had stayed I knew there would be playing time. I had trust in Coach Williams and Coach Steve Robinson that I would play because of course they need a shooter and a scorer.

Duke is one of your remaining schools. When they won the championship on Monday what was going through your mind?
That was magical. It was crazy. The freshmen that were there it was unbelievable. The way they all came together and won. Coach K is a great coach.

Players from all of your remaining schools are announcing their decisions to either stay or enter the draft. Will you analyze each of the situations that your top schools are at?
I’m talking to a couple of the players from each of the schools just trying to understand where I would fit in and make sure I know who is leaving and who is staying. I’ve been talking to some of the players that play small forward and some of the big men at the different schools.

What are your goals for the next few months before entering college?
My main goal is just to get stronger so I can play at the next level. I’m also working on my ball-handling and being able to play each position out on the court.

Did each school try to sell you on their weight training program?
Haha, oh, of course. I think on my visits all the schools made that a priority.

Is your plan still to conduct in-home visits and then make a decision at the end of the month?

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