UNC Among Walston's Favorites

Garrett Walston had planned to visit North Carolina on Thursday to observe practice and spend time with the UNC coaching staff. He had to alter his plans but was still able to see the team in action a couple of days later.

“My dad had the day off, but he had some big customer fly in from Connecticut so he had to go to work that day,” Walston said. “So we just went to the spring game on Saturday.”

NCAA rules prohibited Walston, a 6-foot-4, 225-pound tight end from Wilmington (N.C.) New Hanover, from interacting with the UNC coaches while in Charlotte on Saturday since it was held off campus – Rocky River High School to be exact. But he was able to fully evaluate the Tar Heels offense, particularly its tight end usage.

“I enjoyed it – I enjoyed it a lot,” Walston said. “I saw that they threw the ball to [Kendrick] Singleton a couple of times and [Brandon] Fritts had a long touchdown. Obviously, that was real good to see.”

Generally speaking, Walston is a big fan of the off-campus scrimmages – even though it meant he and his father had to drive roughly three and a half hours to attend it.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Walston said. “It showed how dedicated the fans are to come from far to support the team and there was a pretty big crowd out there.”

Walston last spoke to Seth Littrell, who as UNC’s offensive coordinator and tight ends coach handles Walston’s recruitment, last Wednesday night.

“He was telling me that he really needs a guy and he says that I’m the one or else he wouldn’t be emailing all the time and wanting me to get up there,” Walston said. “He was excited that I was coming up for the spring game, even though he couldn’t talk to me.”

As early as next week, Walston was looking at making a verbal commitment. However, a recent development in his recruitment has delayed his decision into the late April/mid-May range.

“I just picked up another two offers that I’m interested in – California and Georgia,” Walston said. “It definitely pushed my decision back a little bit, because I am interested in [Georgia]… With that offer, I want to get back up [to Georgia] at least one more time.”

Prior to the new offers, UNC and NC State were battling it out for Walston.

“It almost was going to be a coin toss,” Walston said. “I was dead even.”

The Georgia offer has extended Walston’s favorite schools list to three.

Between now and whenever he makes a verbal commitment, Walston could return to all three finalists with Georgia the most likely trip.

“I might just sit back and really start thinking about it,” Walston said. “I’ve been everywhere and really have seen what I want to see from those schools.”

At the very least, Walston said he will sit down with his father and create a chart listing the categories that are important to him, such as style of play, campus life, academics, etc. They’ll rank each school based on each category and then use the results to help with the decision making process.

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