Interview with Moe Thompson


The first thing you need to know about Moe Thompson is that his mom has asked Moe to not consider schools beyond 4-6 hours from his home. She asked Moe to consider this because she wants to come see him play regularly. Auburn has offered Moe but according to Moe they are about 8 hours away so, Auburn will probably not be a possibility. In case you're wondering, Moe says Chapel Hill is about 4 hours away.

Age: 17
HS: Stratford
Hometown: Goose Creek, SC
Height: 6-4
Weight: 255
40-time: 4.7
BP: 310
Positions: TE/DE


Current Favorites: SCAR, UNC, Clem lead Ga and GaT

Inside Carolina – Moe, Who is recruiting you the hardest?

Moe Thompson – All the school are recruiting me pretty hard.

Inside Carolina – Which coach is recruiting you from UNC?

Moe Thompson – Coach Caldwell

Inside Carolina – What is the most important thing to you in selecting a school?

Moe Thompson – I want to go to a place where there are good people. I'm looking at how I am treated when I make my visits. I plan to spend the next four years of my life at the school I choose so it is important for me to feel comfortable.

Inside Carolina – Have you gone on any unofficial visits?

Moe Thompson – No not yet, but I have planned to go to some ball games on unofficial visits.

Inside Carolina – Which games are you planning to see?

Moe Thompson - Well, the Clem/UNC game, Clemson/SCAR, and Clem/FSU.

Inside Carolina – What do you like about UNC?

Moe Thompson – They were always my childhood favorite.

Inside Carolina – Is that because you pulled for the basketball team or the football team?

Moe Thompson – Both.

Inside Carolina – What do you like about Clemson and South Carolina?

Moe Thompson – Both campuses are nice. One of my best friends, Jonathon Austin went to South Carolina.

Inside Carolina – Do you have a particular major in mind?

Moe Thompson – I think I'd like to study business.

Inside Carolina – Do you play other sports?

Moe Thompson – I play basketball.

Inside Carolina – Is playing both football and basketball in college something you would like to try?

Moe Thompson – I'm not sure. South Carolina told me I could try both if I wanted to but I really do not know if that is something I would be interested in.

Inside Carolina – Have you ever visited Chapel Hill?

Moe Thompson – No, not yet.

Inside Carolina – Have you set any official dates yet?

Moe Thompson – No I haven't.

Inside Carolina – Do you know when you might decide?

Moe Thompson – Sometime late in January.

Inside Carolina – When you watch your favorite teams play what are you looking for?

Moe Thompson – Mainly how they approach the game. How hard they are working.

Inside Carolina – Does your family have a preference?

Moe Thompson – Well I am limited somewhat in that my mom would like be to stay within 4-6 hours from home so that she can watch me play.

Inside Carolina – How far away is Chapel Hill?

Moe Thompson – About 4 hours.

Inside Carolina – What was your biggest moment in football?

Moe Thompson – Probably my sophomore year when we beat Gaffney.

Inside Carolina – Have you met any of the UNC staff?

Moe Thompson – I met Coach Browning once last year.

Inside Carolina – Did you watch the UNC/OK game?

Moe Thompson – I watched a couple of quarters.

Inside Carolina – What did you think?

Moe Thompson – I didn't like it

Inside Carolina – Are any of your family and friends putting any pressure on you to attend a certain school?

Moe Thompson – Well, my friend Jonathan Austin is trying to get me to go to SCAR and some of the teachers at school say I should go to Clemson and some say SCAR.

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