Consensus Rankings) -- and has watched the Tar Heels become a major player in his recruitment."> Consensus Rankings) -- and has watched the Tar Heels become a major player in his recruitment.">

Inside Carolina interviews Keith Butler

While many North Carolina fans know the names Shavlik Randolph, Jason Fraser, Sean May, and Shelden Williams, few are familiar with Keith Butler. Butler, at 7-0 and 245 pounds, spent the summer playing alongside Torin Francis with BABC, and has seen his stock rise over the summer (to No. 44 in our <a href="">Consensus Rankings</a>) -- and has watched the Tar Heels become a major player in his recruitment.

"What you'll get with him is a legit 7-footer who runs well, blocks shots and rebounds," IC 's Recruiting Analyst Clint Jackson said. "He's a pretty good scorer and has been known to hit some jump shots from 16 feet and in. Having seen nearly all of the true centers in the country this year, I find it hard not to consider Butler one of the best seven."

"Butler is dominant on the glass and as a defender," wrote from the Nike Camp. "Funny thing is, he is pretty good on the offensive end as well, even though his scoring has never been his calling card. Keith has a very soft touch and with his size and physical skills, there are few players who have as much upside as the New England big man."

Having played four years of high school basketball at Cambridge (MA) North Catholic, Butler has been in search of a prep school to help him improve his GPA. After much speculation that he'd attend Winchedon (MA), Butler states in the following interview that he plans to attend IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida.

Below is what Butler had to say about his recruitment and, in particular, about North Carolina in an interview with IC's Recruiting Insider Zeke Martins yesterday.

InsideCarolina: How is the recruitment going to this point for you?

Keith Butler: It is starting to get real busy right now. Things are definitely getting hectic.

IC: Do you have a list of schools at this time?

Butler: My schools are North Carolina, Illinois, and Miami of Florida.

IC: Do you definitely feel that one of these schools is where you will play college basketball?

Butler: No doubt about it. I feel very positive that I will play for one of those three.

IC: Who do you talk to from the North Carolina staff?

Butler: I speak to either Coach Q or Coach Doherty.

IC: What is your opinion of the coaches that you speak with at North Carolina?

Butler: I like them quite a bit. Coach Q and Coach Doherty are both really good guys that seem really down to earth. I really enjoy talking to them.

IC: Did you grow up a fan of any certain school?

Butler: I have always liked North Carolina. They have always been pretty much my favorite team.

IC: You got a chance to play with Torin Francis all summer, correct?

Butler: Yes, Torin and I were on the same AAU Team and I really enjoyed playing with Torin.

IC: Were you surprised by Torin's decision?

Butler: Yes, I was real surprised.

IC: Did you think Torin would end up at another school?

Butler: Yes I thought for sure he was going to North Carolina.

IC: What are some things that make you have North Carolina in your top three?

Butler: I love the tradition at North Carolina, and the fact that I would possibly have the chance to play right away there.

IC: What school will you be attending this year?

Butler: IMG in Sarasota, Florida.

IC: When do you leave for school?

Butler: I will be leaving either this Sunday or next Sunday.

IC: Do you have any official visits lined up at this time?

Butler: No not at this time. I won't line up any visits until I start back to school.

IC: Do you feel like you will make a visit to North Carolina?

Butler: I am sure that I will make a visit to North Carolina this fall.

IC: Do you have a time frame on a decision?

Butler: I want to make a decision this fall. I want to go ahead and get this out of the way.

IC: Will your family play an important part in your decision?

Butler: I will discuss my options with my older brother and my mom, but the final decision will be mine and I am sure they will support what I want to do.

IC: Do they have a favorite at this time?

Butler: No. They just want to see me make the best decision possible.

IC: What do you feel will be some of the deciding factors in you making a decision on a school?

Butler: The education I can get there, as well as the chance to play right away.

IC: What do you feel is the strength of your game right now?

Butler: My defense is my strong point, and I need to work on getting stronger in the weight room.

IC: Has North Carolina offered you a scholarship at this time?

Butler: No, not yet they haven't. They have said as long as I do well in school they would like to have me go to school and play basketball there.

IC: Do any of the schools have an edge on the others?

Butler: North Carolina has an edge in the fact that they have more exposure than Illinois or Miami. If you go to North Carolina then you know you're going to get on TV a lot, and have the chance for a lot of folks to see you.

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