Bradley Showcasing Improved Game

Tony Bradley is one of the most improved big men in the country over the past 12 months. The class of 2016 Bartow (Fla.) High standout has done a ton of work to improve his frame and his game, and UNC prioritized him as a major target. Inside Carolina caught up with Bradley on the EYBL circuit this weekend.

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- Tony Bradley and his E1T1 teammates lost in an up-and-down contest to Houston Hoops, but the frenetic style of play showcased that the 6-foot-9 big man has improved his mobility and can run with some of the best athletes in the country.

Doing extra running and work in the gym has allowed Bradley to reach a more ideal playing weight and he's now able to carve out post space more effectively each time down the floor as he often beats his opponent to his spots.

"Just work hard, work on different things. Doing a lot of running, stuff like that." Bradley said about his improved physique. "Every once in awhile I get a three-mile jog in to improve my conditioning."

Bradley continued where he left off two weeks ago in the Lexington opener on Friday night, finishing with 15 points and 10 rebounds while going 7-for-10 from the field. His stamina was on display as well, palying 30 of 32 overall minutes.

"I just feel better moving. It's helping me a lot." Bradley said. "I can move up-and-down a little bit faster. I'm in better position on defense. It's definitely helped."

On the offensive end, Bradley worked the post for most of his buckets. Fourteen of his 15 points were scored in the paint -- with the other coming from a free throw. Although the dominant-hand hook is his go-to move, Bradley is working on other post moves.

"I like the hook. The right-hand hook. That's what I like using the most. I'm most comfortable with that," Bradley said. "Left-hand hook [is something I'm working on]." And other, different post moves. I'm just trying to improve on everything [in he post]."

Besides work in the post -- and on his frame -- Bradley is also getting some jumpers up to try to improve his face-up game. Bradley only took one mid-range jumper in the Friday night game, and missed, but his form looked much-improved and he was confident in a catch-and-shoot scenario. It's a shot he has hit this spring on the circuit.

"Shooting the three, shooting from mid-range. Improving that [is a focus]," Bradley said.

On the recruiting front, Bradley was pretty mum on the current state of affairs. The big man wouldn't list a particular set of schools, but he did mention that he has no other visits planned and no other coaches were coming to see him that he was aware of.

"There's a bunch of schools that are interested, but I'm open though," Bradley said. "Nothing else is planned at the moment. I'll decide [when I'm comfortable]."

Bradley did received a visit from North Carolina head coach Roy Williams this past week. Bradley has already taken an official visit to Chapel Hill -- his only official visit taken so far -- but the visit from Williams re-affirmed the school's high level of interest in him.

"He came this past Tuesday. He came to my high school," Bradley said. "Just talking about how he likes me and stuff like that. He's just going to continue to watch me this spring."

As was the case in the first live weekend two weeks ago in Hampton, the Tar Heel staff has continued to be a regular at Bradley's games this weekend.

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