Commitment Q&A: Jay-Jay McCargo

Jay-Jay McCargo joined UNC's 2016 recruiting class with a commitment over the weekend. Upon returning from Chapel Hill, he spoke to Inside Carolina about his visit and his decision.

How did the visit go?

“It was great, actually. I’ve been there a lot of times. It just made me more sure of my decision.”

When did you arrive and who did you bring with you?

“My parents and I got there Friday night. They actually stayed at the Carolina Inn on Friday night and then came back and got me on Sunday. They stayed [on Saturday] until after meeting with the athletic director, Coach [Larry] Fedora, and the team chaplain.”

How did the actual commitment go down?

“It was actually kind of funny. Coach Fedora, surprisingly, he didn’t even know I was going to commit. He was trying to sell me on the university and telling me the positives of a North Carolina degree. And the first time that I tried [to commit], he actually interrupted. But I ended up going into his office and telling him I was ready to be a Tar Heel.”

What was his reaction?

“He was really excited. He jumped out of his chair and gave me a big hug. And he told me I was making a really good decision.”

I know that you’ve been planning on doing this for at least a few weeks. So, how does it feel now that it’s done?

“It feels great. It’s really a weight lifted off of me, because I had been planning to and I’ve had to tell coaches about it. I’m happy to have the process over with and just get back to high school.”

So is your focus now to get back to being a high school kid?

“Pretty much. I’m going to the Freak Show and, yeah, I’m actually probably not going to use Twitter very much and not keep up with recruiting too much.”

Will you recruit for UNC?

“Definitely. That’s probably going to be the only reason I’m going to be on Twitter.”

What targets do you have in mind?

“I haven’t really identified any yet. Zach Adams, (an offensive tackle from Fredericksburg (Va.) Riverbend), will probably be my first.”

What’s your pitch going to be to these other recruits?

“It’s probably going to be that I’ve seen a lot of the same places that I’ve been offered by and visited them multiple times. Carolina is just a really unique place and a place that’s going to do a lot for you as far as football and especially with education.”

What did you mostly do during your UNC stay this weekend?

“Meet a lot of the guys I’m going to be spending a lot of my time with and meet a lot of the O-linemen.”

Was there one player you spent a lot of time with? If so, what did he show and tell you?

“Yes, I spent a lot of time with Bentley Spain. He was just asking me if I had any questions and tell me what it was like to play at Chapel Hill. It was all really great things.”

Did you spend a lot of time with Chris Kapilovic, UNC’s offensive line coach?

“I actually didn’t spent a lot of time with Coach Kap. This [visit] was basically just to hang out with the players and talk to the AD, Coach Fedora, and Chaplain [Mitch] Mason. I met another commit Tyler Pritchett – he was on me this last week [and] he helped seal the deal.”

What questions did you have for Bubba Cunningham?

“I wanted an overview of what they’re looking for from the NCAA sanctions that could be coming. He put a lot of things to bed with that. He talked about how this was pretty much stuff that they have already settled for and they really shouldn’t have that much to worry about. And it should all be settled within a year totally and we should find out more hopefully before I sign.”

What was the purpose of meeting with Chaplain Mason?

“You obviously want to grew athletically and educationally, but my faith is important to me and I want to grew spiritually in college. That’s something that a lot of kids lose sight of. That’s definitely something I want to keep growing in.”

You mentioned Pritchett, how much time did you spend with him?

“After [my parents and I] talked with [Cunningham, Fedora, and Mason], the whole visit. Like I said, I talked to him before over text. It was fine. He seemed like a really good kid. Obviously, he’s a good player. Even though we come from different parts of the country, we have a few similarities. The guy could end up being my roommate.”

Outside of your actual commitment, what was unique about your stay?

“Probably how all the guys really enjoyed being at Carolina. This is a group of guys that you can tell really enjoy their time there more than any other place I’ve been. We talked about the campus life and it was all good things.”

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