Banks Returns to UNC

Korey Banks saw Chapel Hill last season and the Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek athlete wanted another look during camp week.

About a month after receiving a North Carolina scholarship offer, Korey Banks decided to return to Chapel Hill on Friday for an overnight visit.

“It was lovely when I went to the Pittsburgh game,” Banks said. “And it was lovely when we visited this time, too.”

When Chris Kapilovic offered Banks in early May, the UNC assistant coach didn’t specify a position. Thus, the 6-foot, 165-pounder from Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek was hoping to have that question answered during Friday’s visit. Though no one came out and said a position, the fact that Banks had a meeting and lunch with Gunter Brewer was a good indication.

“I think they’re trying to decide,” Banks said. “But I watched film with Coach [Gunter] Brewer.”

Brewer, of course, is UNC’s wide receivers coach.

“We went over a lot of their players – Bug [Howard] and all them,” Banks said. “He’s a great coach. He coached Randy Moss [and] Justin Blackmon.”

Banks started at wide receiver for Sandy Creek, which went 11-2, last season. He ended the season with approximately 700 yards in receptions.

During the UNC-Pittsburgh game last season, Banks received an opportunity to evaluate the Tar Heels’ spread, no-huddle offense.

“I’d fit perfectly,” Banks said. “They throw the ball a lot, so there’s a lot of opportunities for receivers in that offense.”

In addition to the time spent with Brewer – and Kapilovic – Banks met with Larry Fedora, who asked Banks about his thoughts on playing cornerback.

That night, Banks, who made the trip with teammate and fellow UNC target Javon Jackson, hung out with fellow Georgian J.K. Britt. Banks and Jackson then spent the night in Britt’s dorm room.

“I’ve known J.K. for a few years now – all throughout high school,” Banks said. “Hanging out with him was like hanging out with one of my friends.”

The following morning, Banks and Jackson headed west on I-40 to attend Wake Forest’s Camp. Georgia Tech is the only other school that he has visited this summer.

Later this month, Banks plans to visit Michigan and Wisconsin. He’s also considering returning to UNC for Fedora’s Freak Show.

Two dozen schools have offered Banks, including Arizona, Michigan, Syracuse, Wisconsin, and Wake Forest.

“I’m not really sure [about favorite schools] – they’re all telling me the same thing,” Banks said. “But I guess you can say I like schools like North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia Southern, Fresno State – schools like that. They all offer good education opportunities and they are schools I could see myself playing at whether it’s offense or defense.”

An X-factor could be Jackson. Banks and Jackson have discussed continuing to play together in college.

“We’ll probably end up at the same college together,” Banks said. “We aren’t a package deal, but we have all the same schools recruiting us.”

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