Deablo Meets with Brewer, Fedora

Winston-Salem (N.C.) Mount Tabor wide receiver Divine Deablo returned to Chapel Hill yet again to meet with the Tar Heel coaches.

In a recruitment that could go in any one of five directions, Divine Deablo will use summer visits as a compass.

Deablo, a 6-foot-2, 195-pound wide receiver from Winston-Salem (N.C.) Mount Tabor, narrowed his list of nearly 20 scholarship offers to Georgia, North Carolina, NC State, South Carolina, and Virginia Tech. He says there’s no order to that list and he doesn’t claim a leader.

“I liked the offense they run, the interest in me, and just the school in general,” Deablo said.

On Sunday, Deablo took his latest summer visit. Joined by his mother and head football coach, Diablo traveled to UNC for, what he estimates, was his 10th visit to the school.

“It went great, I’d say,” Deablo said. “I enjoyed myself. It’s a nice campus.

“It made me have more interest in them, because of [Gunter] Brewer – Brewer is really cool. [Larry] Fedora is also cool, but Coach Brewer is the coolest dude on earth to be honest with you.”

Deablo says that by virtue of their strong relationship, Brewer is his favorite wide receivers coach. As such, following the conclusion of Sunday’s camp Brewer served as Deablo’s visit guide. While the camp was taking place, Deablo and his mother headed to Sutton’s on Franklin Street for lunch.

Having made numerous previous visits to UNC, there’s not a whole lot Deablo hasn’t seen of the school. But he did arrive with two objectives – to explore a dorm room and meet with Fedora.

“[The dorm] was really cool – four bedrooms, two bathrooms, [and] a living room,” Deablo said. “I thought that was really cool. And you can choose who you want to room with – I thought that was cool, too. [The dorms] look a lot better than most of the others I’ve seen.”

Deablo’s meeting with Fedora lasted about 30 minutes.

“He told me he’s an open person,” Deablo said. “He was willing to answer any questions I had about UNC. I didn’t have any questions, but my mom was questioning what’s been in the newspapers lately with the NCAA stuff. He said it’s most likely possibly that football won’t be penalized. If they are, that will be a great factor in my decision.”

About a month ago, Deablo took a similar visit to NC State. He also visited Duke on Saturday.

This weekend, Deablo will travel to South Carolina followed by Virginia Tech the subsequent weekend. In July, he’ll camp at both Georgia and NC State.

There’s a good chance Deablo could return to UNC on June 19 to participate in that day’s camp. The purpose of that experience is to get a better idea of what it’s like to be coached by Brewer.

Deablo’s goal is to have his collegiate decision out of the way prior to his senior football season.

“I’m focusing on me feeling like I’m at home; the coaches – specifically the receiver coach, because I’m going to be spending the most time with him; the offense; and the players,” Deablo said.

Another possible factor is that Deablo and several of his family members – including his mother – are UNC basketball fans.

“I couldn’t tell you, because I grew up a basketball fan,” Deablo said. “It factors a little bit, I think.”

Though his favorites list lacks an order, Deablo said that UNC, NC State, and Virginia Tech are recruiting him the hardest.

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