Jackson Fits In at UNC

An overnight stay has vaulted UNC to the top of Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek defensive back Javon Jackson's list.

How well he’ll integrate into each program’s “locker room” is essential to Javon Jackson’s recruitment. Thus, when Chris Kapilovic invited Jackson – along with his Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek teammate Korey Banks – for an overnight visit that would include a chance to hang out with the players, he immediately accepted.

Kapilovic, who recruits Sandy Creek for UNC, paired Jackson and Banks with early enrollees J.K. Britt and Andre Smith on Friday night. While they had never met Smith before, they were very familiar with Britt, who played high school ball less than 30 minutes from their homes.

“It was cool,” Jackson said. “I fit in real well with them. We met some other players, too, and hung out with them that night.”

Regardless of the college, Jackson could already have a strong relationship with at least one teammate since he and Banks have discussed continuing their football careers at the same place.

“We talk about it all the time, actually,” Jackson said. “It’s not really a package deal – it’s just whoever is looking at us together, they’re really serious to us.”

While Jackson is hesitant to anoint favorite schools, it’s difficult for him to hide his feelings toward UNC on the heels of his second visit to the campus.

“I’m interested in everybody I’m about to visit, but North Carolina is a real good school – I like it up there a lot,” Jackson said. “I’d say just North Carolina is sticking out right now. Well, Wake Forest is pretty good, too. But I’ve only visited a few schools and it’s easy to fall in love with the first one.”

After leaving Chapel Hill on Saturday morning, Jackson and Banks headed west for Wake Forest’s Camp. Jackson is now working on trips to Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt.

“I’m not really finished deciding who I’m going to visit – those are just the next two on the list,” Jackson said. “I really don’t know who’s next after that.”

In addition to hanging out with Britt and Smith, Jackson’s recent UNC stay included lunch with Kapilovic and a meeting with Larry Fedora.

“The last time [Fedora and I] met, it was about the school and stuff,” Jackson said. “This time, he was just asking me how things were going. It was more about bonding than selling me.”

Jackson also met with Gene Chizik, UNC’s defensive coordinator. The two went over Jackson’s junior film.

“He asked me play by play to tell him what I saw to help me make the play,” Jackson said.

Chizik, who spent the spring installing a 4-3 defensive scheme, envisions Jackson playing free safety. Jackson has played both safety and cornerback for Sandy Creek where he compiled 58 tackles, six interceptions, and three pass breakups.

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