Ross: 'It All Came Together'

Immediately after Fla. Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian linebacker Dominique Ross called the UNC staff on Monday evening to commit, he spoke with about his decision ...

After visiting Chapel Hill last week, you listed UNC as one of your four favorites. On Monday, you committed. What happened in less than a week’s time?

“I just called Coach [John Papuchis] and Coach [Charlton] Warren, and I just wanted to go over a couple of things of how I fit in with the defense. It sounded good. I believed him, because I’m going to take his word for it. I felt like it was a good place for me and I decided to commit.”

Did you talk to anyone – family, coaches, friends, etc. – recently that helped you get to this point?

“I talked to my dad about it. We sat down over the weekend and talked about the coaches and North Carolina.”

Did you intend on committing when you called the UNC coaches?

“When I called, I kind of thought I was going to commit.”

Ultimately, what was it about UNC?

“Coach Gene Chizik was brought into the program, so I know he’ll turn the defense around. Really, Coach J.P., Warren, and Chizik, this was the first class that they recruited, so they wanted to bring me in. I was on the visit last week and it felt like home. The academics are the best in the world. It just all came together.”

Speaking of that visit, what role did that visit have in pushing you towards making a commitment?

“It gave me a feel for the campus – I had never been there before, it was my first time. So to be able to feel the atmosphere, it was just different.”

Papuchis and Warren teamed up to recruit you. How did that impact your decision to commit?

“Coach Warren and Coach J.P., they talked to me pretty often on Twitter. Having that type of relationship played a role in it.”

You were teammates with Andre Smith. What was it like to have someone who you personally know tell you the good and the bad about a school?

“Andre and I, we played on the same team for the past two years. Throughout this process, he’s been like a big brother giving me advice and wisdom. Since he went through this game not too long ago, he knows this game and can give me some tips.”

Last week, you had planned on visiting other schools. What’s the status of those trips now that you’re committed?

“I still plan on getting to Miami and Virginia Tech. I’m also considering UCLA.”

When do you expect to return to UNC?

“I don’t have a planned date right now.”

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