DeFranco: 'I Knew It Was Right'

Nolan DeFranco had a decision timeline in place and more visits to take, but on Tuesday evening he nixed that plan and committed to UNC. After calling the Tar Heel coaches, he spoke to ...

Heading back from your UNC visit, you didn’t plan on making a decision for another month or so. What happened?

“I knew it was right and I didn’t see any point in waiting. It felt right. It felt like home. So I just made the decision to commit. I talked it through with my parents and my head coach. I was planning on visiting Vandy, but I figured there wasn’t anything that they could do to make me like them any more than UNC.”

So is it safe to assume that that trip to Vanderbilt has been canceled?

“Yes sir.”

What was it about UNC?

“The biggest thing was the people. They’re trustworthy and they’re good at what they do – they’re good coaches and they provide good support. And that’s what I’m looking for: coaches that are trustworthy and are going to push me to be the best player I can be on the field and off.”

Speaking of the people, Charlton Warren handled your recruitment. What role did he play in your decision?

“He’s a really good guy and he’s an academic guy [who] cares about academics – he went to Air Force. And he’s a good person and a good man.”

How did you commit?

“I called Coach [Tray] Scott, the D-line coach, and told him. And then he gave the phone to Coach Warren. And then I called Coach [Larry] Fedora. I still need to call Coach [Gene] Chizik. I said, ‘I want to commit and be a Tar Heel.’ They said, ‘Are you serious?!’”

When’s the next time you’ll be back in Chapel Hill?

“Probably pretty soon – hopefully this month. I want to bring my mom, because my dad has already seen it.”

You are the third commitment for UNC in two days. Did that impact your decision?

“A little bit, but [Tyrone Hopper and Dominique Ross] are linebackers. So it wasn’t really a huge factor.”

How does it feel now that you have your commitment out of the way?

“It feels great. I don’t have to worry about picking a school. I can focus on UNC and my high school and getting after to win states.”

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