Commitment Q&A: Tomon Fox

Tomon Fox didn't plan on committing at the Freak Show, but the Tar Heels were able to get a commitment from the Suwanee (Ga.) Collins Hill defensive end on Saturday night. He spoke about his decision with Inside Carolina ...

Did you intend on committing when you were driving up here today?

No, I didn’t, actually.

Take me through what brought you to that point.

I talked with the AD and Coach Fedora about all the sanctions stuff. And I got reassured. Every time I come here I feel like home. So I came out at the Freak Show and it felt like the perfect time to do it.

What was it ultimately that made you want to pick UNC?

I just feel comfortable here. I like the people here and I know they’re on the come up right now with the new coaches right now. So I’m just ready to hop in it.

Did you commit during a drill?

It was right before the 40s. I was talking to my trainer, I was like ‘I feel like I want to commit.’ Then he went and got Coach Fedora and I told him right there.

What was his reaction?

He jumped up and hugged me and I hugged him back. Hugged Gene Chizik, everybody – it was real exciting.

Why was that the moment for you?

The atmosphere – I just knew this was the place for me.

You mentioned talking to Fedora and the AD about the NCAA stuff. What did they tell you about that?

Fedora told me football won’t be touched by that, so that was good. … It was comforting to hear because that kind of had me shaky at first.

Can you talk about Coach Warren and what factor he had in your decision?

He’s been with me the whole time, hyping me up – trying to make sure I stay with the UNC fam(ily). He told me the same stuff not to worry about, too. … I was kind of worried so I had to make sure.

How much did that come up when you talked with rival schools?

Definitely. And other reporters, too. And I see it on Twitter all the time, every time I post something about UNC they’re telling me about the sanctions and how something might happen. But it’s not going to happen now, so we’re good.

Are there guys you’re looking at to try and get to join you at UNC?

Dexter Lawrence is definitely one of them. That’s who I’m working on, that’s my next target.

You’re well versed with the camp circuit, what makes this unique?

It was definitely unique. I thought the Irish Invasion was going to be like this, and it kind of was, but it was more hype and everything … It’s not your average camp, especially with the dodgeball tournament at the end.

What was it like seeing the NFL guys out there?

It was definitely nice to see them come back and help with their old team.

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