UNC Pursuing Long Snapper

North Carolina wants a long snapper to be part of its 2016 recruiting class and has targeted Ben Wyatt for that spot.

Following his impressive camp workout, North Carolina decided to offer a scholarship to Ben Wyatt, one of the nation’s top long snappers.

“I’ve been interested in UNC just as a school before since I grew up in Davidson, North Carolina,” Wyatt said. “So the possibility to play there would be great. It’s a great school, first of all, and I’m looking for a great academic school. What really matters to me is the football program – the coaches and the people that I’ll be around. UNC seems to have a great camaraderie.”

Wyatt, a 6-foot-1, 236-pounder from Concord (N.C.) Cannon, also has been offered a scholarship by West Virginia and a preferred walk-on opportunity from Duke. Stanford, where he camped earlier this summer, is the only other school under consideration.

“I’m still not sure where I’m leaning,” Wyatt said. “I have a lot to think about. I’ll probably have a decision sooner, rather than later.”

This summer, Wyatt plans to return to UNC with his family. He also might visit West Virginia on June 25 and stop by Duke at some point.

“I don’t think I’m in the position to say that [I’ll commit during my UNC visit], yet,” Wyatt said. “I was impressed by everything at UNC, but I have to think about my decision because it’s going to be four years of my life and it’s going to be a really big decision.”

Wyatt, who is focused on the four aforementioned schools, figures to have a verbal commitment made by the end of the summer.

In early June, Wyatt visited UNC where he spent time with Jonathan Rutledge, UNC’s special teams graduate assistant. Rutledge toured Wyatt around the entire campus, including the football facilities.

“It was really impressive,” Wyatt said. “I was impressed, especially, with the academic center – how they really help the players and all the tutoring. And also, the football facilities are really nice and they’re going to be doing renovations soon.”

During that visit, Rutledge explained to Wyatt UNC’s situation at long snapper.

“I knew UNC was looking for a long snapper,” Wyatt said. “I didn’t know if they were going to do a scholarship (player) or not… I knew they were interested [in me], but they wanted to see me snap.”

Wyatt was unable to attend UNC’s specialists’ camp in the middle of June. Thus, he attended the tail end of the Tar Heels’ one-day camp last Friday.

After warming up, Rutledge had Wyatt snap to a field goal post from 15 yards away to test his accuracy. Wyatt hit the post eight out of ten times.

Rutledge then timed the speed of Wyatt’s long snaps. He averaged .63 seconds. For perspective, any snap in the .7-second range is considered good.

“After I finished, Coach Rutledge told me it was the best snapping workout that he’s ever seen in his coaching career,” Wyatt said. “He was really impressed by my ability to snap.

“I’ve learned everything from Chris Rubio and I probably wouldn’t be in this position without him.”

Rutledge then escorted Wyatt off the practice field and to Chris Kapilovic’s office. Rutledge and Wyatt then met with Larry Fedora.

“[Fedora] was telling me about how he never offered a deep snapper before [out of high school],” Wyatt said. “But he said there was a need and he’d love to have me as their long snapper. And then he offered.”

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