Commitment Q&A: Chazz Surratt

Right after calling Larry Fedora on Friday morning to let the UNC head coach know that he had decommitted from Duke in order to become a Tar Heel, quarterback Chazz Surratt talked about his decision with Inside Carolina ...

What happened this morning?

“I ended my commitment with Duke and I committed to North Carolina.”

How did you come to this point?

“Coach [Keith Heckendorf] informed me for sure that the football team would not be touched [from] the scandals. That reopened my look at Carolina.

“I have a preferred walk-on spot on the basketball team, too. I talked to Roy Williams [Thursday] night.

“That’s kind of the two big things. And Carolina kind of continued to recruit me, even when I committed to Duke. Coach Heck was great the whole time. So, I really felt that I loved Carolina so that’s why I changed my commitment.”

It’s not typical for a school to sign two quarterbacks in a class – especially in back-to-back classes. How did Logan Byrd’s commitment factor into your decision?

“They won’t take any more quarterbacks, obviously. But I wasn’t really worried about it. You have to compete anywhere. I think Coach Heck already told Logan Byrd that I was going to commit. But, I thought it was a good situation for me. I just have to compete.”

Did you have any reservations about committing to a school that already had a quarterback committed?

“No, not really. I think as a player, I fit the mold at quarterback at Carolina, so I wasn’t really worried about coming in with another player. Coach Heck continued to recruit me hard – even when I was committed to Duke. He just said that in 2017, they won’t get a quarterback.”

What’s the situation with your brother, Sage?

“They offered Sage the preferred walk-on spot for basketball, too. But he’s not committed to North Carolina. He’s going to wait until after his junior year of basketball to see what [his options are], because he wants to play basketball in college. A lot of D1 schools are already talking to him and calling him to play basketball. We’ll see after his junior year.”

Is Sage going to just focus solely on basketball in college?

“If he comes to Carolina, he’ll play both [sports]. But I don’t know how long he’ll last playing both. But he goes anywhere else, he’ll probably just play basketball.”

Are you going to be recruiting your brother?

“It won’t be too hard to recruit him, because he’s my brother. But I don’t want to limit him. I want him to do what’s best for him. I want him to come with me, but I’m not going to push him to anything.”

What was ultimately about UNC?

“I just grew up a Tar Heel. They showed me a lot of love every time I come down there. And then with the football team not going to be touched and then the [basketball] preferred walk-on spot, I couldn’t turn that down. And my family loves UNC. I thought it was a great decision.”

How would you describe the trajectory of UNC’s recruitment of you – particularly when Byrd committed and when you committed to Duke?

“It lessened a little bit, just because I was committed. But Coach Heck always DM’d me [on Twitter] and I got on the phone with him a few times. Even throughout the Elite 11 semifinals, he DM’d and asked me how I was doing. It definitely lessened, but they were a mainstay in talking to me.”

When was the last time you visited UNC?

“My overnight visit in April. It was like two weeks before I committed to Duke.”

When’s the next time you’ll visit UNC?

“I don’t have a date set. I’ll have to talk to Fedora and Coach Heck. I’m sure it will be sometime this summer.”

Considering you’ve already de-committed once before, how firm is this commitment?

“I’m pretty sure I am – unless they come out with some stuff about the football team. Right now, I’ m a Tar Heel.”

Outside of your brother, are you planning on recruiting anyone else?

“Yes I am. I’m going to talk to Coach Fedora and Coach Heck about that. I know I’m going to go after Divine Deablo.”

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