Film Room: Elijah Hood

The Inside Carolina staff convened to review and discuss the film from UNC's final spring football scrimmage. In this segment, beat writer Greg Barnes and Xs and Os analyst Jason Staples discuss a play by running back Elijah Hood.

Jason: Nice run – he left more on the table but I liked the initial cut.

Greg: M.J. Stewart got him.

Jason: It was a good tackle, but to be an elite back he’s got to run through that. I liked that initial cut to find the hole but he’s then got to bend it back to the interior to give him more space. He lets that guy come off and get to him. If he’s bending another half yard to the inside he’s got more yards because the DB can’t make the move there.

Greg: We saw glimpses of potential from Hood as a freshman, but didn’t see enough of him to get the full picture of what type of running back he is.

Jason: No, because in part the line was such a mess.

Greg: If you look at what he did running the ball, he really didn’t start to get a lot of carries until the Clemson game. That and the Notre Dame game were the two that stood out. It was around that time when things had gotten so bad that Fedora switched things up and they started to use Marquise running the ball a lot more and everyone’s carries dropped. And then Hood got hurt.

Jason: The one thing I did notice – and I nitpick - was I would have liked to see a guy with his size do a little more breaking of tackles at the second level to get an extra five. He was coming to the line with low pad level and if guys met him with the shoulder pads he was able to break through it, and now he’s got to drive through when guys get underneath him. But this is based on so few carries, so I think the jury’s out on him.

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