Turner 'Real Excited To Be A Tar Heel'

Noah Turner, a tight end from Mundelein (Ill.) Carmel, explains his pre-Fourth of July commitment to UNC.

It seems that you have some pre-Fourth of July news.

“Yeah, I just got off the phone with Coach [Larry] Fedora -- about 15 minutes ago -- where I committed.”

UNC has been leading for you for a while, but you mentioned a desire to return to Chapel Hill before actually committing. Why the change?

“As the recruiting process went on, I knew it was the school that I wanted to go to. I kind of wanted to see if anything else would pop up. They were always leading and I felt like I needed pull the trigger. And I’m really excited about it. I can’t wait to get back there on July 24.“

Why not wait until July 24?

“I was ready to be a Tar Heel and I knew that was the place. Coach [Seth] Littrell and Coach Fedora have done a great job recruiting me. I just didn’t want to wait any longer. I just wanted to be a Tar Heel as soon as possible.”

How did you commit?

“I just called Coach Fedora. He said, ‘All I want you to say is: I’m Noah Turner and I’m a Tar Heel.’ I did that for him and that made it official. I didn’t do anything special – I’m just kind of hanging out at my house. I was just real excited about it.”

What was Fedora’s reaction?

“He was real pumped about it. He was just real excited about it.”

Will you still visit on July 24? If so, what’s the goal for the trip?

“Yes, both my mom and I will be flying down there. I really want to show her. Hopefully there’s some other commits there and I’ll get to know them. But really, I just want to show my mom everything, because my dad went last time and saw everything. He fell in love with it and I know she will. I really want her to meet the staff and Coach Littrell and see the campus. It’s going to work out well.”

Considering UNC’s proximity from your home, how firm is this commitment?

“I’m 100-percent. I’m all North Carolina and I don’t plan on visiting any other schools, right now.”

Are there any schools out there that could offer that could change the situation?

“No. I’m all there [at UNC].”

What schools did you visit this summer?

“The only school I went to was Notre Dame. I went to their camp, ‘The Irish Invasion.’”

You’re coming in as a tight end, but elaborate on how UNC sees you fitting into the offense.

“They really see me as the H-back tight end. The guy that’s moving around a lot – not so much as the in-line, three-point guy. They want to put me in the slot, put me in the backfield, put me on the line – they want to utilize my athleticism by using me all over the field.”

How does it feel to make this decision?

“It’s a big relief. It’s a long, stressful process. I’m just real excited to be a Tar Heel.”

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