Dunlap Enjoys UNC Visit

The Tar Heels lead for defensive tackle Marlon Dunlap. His most recent visit further solidified Carolina's position.

Marlon Dunlap classifies his most recent visit to North Carolina as a “football visit.”

“I wanted to see how the coaches coach, how they act in a practice, and how they were teaching,” Dunlap said. “Basically, I wanted to see how UNC football works.”

The platform for this objective was UNC’s final one-day camp of June. Dunlap, who previously attended a pair of junior days which provided him a chance to get to know the staff as well as explore the facilities, didn’t participate in said camp, but he did observe vigilantly.

Being a 6-foot-4, 275-pound defensive tackle from Charlotte (N.C.) West, Dunlap’s primary focus was on Tray Scott, UNC’s new defensive line coach.

“I like Coach Scott,” Dunlap said. “He has a lot of fun and he stays on his guys. He has a lot of intensity.”

Dunlap remained on campus, he estimates, three hours after the camp’s conclusion. During that time, he conversed with primary recruiter Gunter Brewer, defensive coordinator Gene Chizik, and Scott.

“Basically, I talked to them about how they would develop me,” Dunlap said. “And what would happen if I were to come to UNC.”

Dunlap said he was in awe talking with Chizik.

“I know he knows what he’s talking about,” Dunlap said. “It was a good experience, because I got to meet with a coach that won a national championship.

“And then he knew everything that he wanted to do with me, if I were to come to North Carolina. So basically, we had a good talk. He gave me tips and he told me how his defensive linemen work and how his system was ran.”

UNC has been leading for Dunlap for some time now. This most recent visit maintained those feelings.

“I’ve been liking North Carolina since the beginning,” Dunlap said. “I’m just trying to weigh out all my schools I’m trying to see. It’s a big decision, so I don’t want to rush into anything.”

Florida, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Tennessee, and West Virginia are a sampling of the other schools Dunlap is considering. He hasn’t visited any of those schools. He hopes to see as many as possible during the summer. Whichever he misses, he’ll check out during the season.

Dunlap is also working on a fourth trip to UNC. That visit will be designated for his parents, who have yet to visit Chapel Hill (West Charlotte assistant coach/interim head coach Drew Hackett has accompanied Dunlap on all other trips). Dunlap wants that next visit to occur before the end of the summer.

“[My parents] have only heard about the school from me and Coach Brewer,” Dunlap said.

Although he still has work to do, Dunlap has made improvement in his academic situation – particularly with his SAT score. To further help the situation, he is taking a SAT Prep class this summer.

“I have to retake the SAT again this September and hopefully improve my score,” Dunlap said. “The NCAA [Clearinghouse] says I have to improve my score [to be deemed qualified].”

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