Felton '95 Percent' Committed

Jalek Felton is polishing his versatile guard skills against top competition this summer. On the recruitment front, he's not yet ready to be completely committed to UNC.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Jalek Felton still wants to play college basketball at North Carolina.

He loves Roy Williams. He’s admired UNC since his uncle, Raymond Felton, led the Tar Heels to the 2005 National Championship. He speaks with a quiet reverence when discussing the Carolina program.

The possibility of sanctions stemming from the Notice of Allegations the NCAA sent UNC in May, however, is making Felton do his due diligence.

Felton, who still considers himself a UNC commitment, said he's about “95 percent” committed to Carolina.

Why is there a five percent chance he plays elsewhere?

“Their probation,” he said, “is why I’m not 100 percent on going there. I’m not committing myself to nothing because there are (NCAA issues) still hanging around.”

A regular visitor to Chapel Hill, Felton’s last visit was “a couple months ago” while he was training with his uncle.

“I haven’t been lately,” he said. “I was supposed to go up there, but I went off to (Steph Curry) Camp instead. I want to get there soon. As soon as I can, I’ll go.”

In addition to the lack of visits, Felton hasn’t had in-depth discussions with the UNC staff yet about potential NCAA sanctions.

“I haven’t talked to nobody about that yet,” he explained. “I’ve just been hearing about it, just looking at TV and seeing what people are saying. Nothing positive has come out of it.”

On the court, Felton has focused on improving all aspects of his game. It’s why he’s at the inaugural Under Armour All-American camp this week, and why he attended Steph Curry’s Select Camp.

“I’ve been polishing my game and playing against some of the best players in my class, the class ahead of me and behind me,” he said. “Just trying to get better.”

Curry’s camp has been one of Felton’s favorite events the last two summers. During his time there, he’s developed a relationship with the NBA’s MVP.

“He makes me want to work, just to see how many times he goes, how many reps he gets in, it’s crazy,” said Felton. “This man played 100-something games in one season, and he’s still at camp doing his drills and playing with us. It shows he’s dedicated to the game and it’s something I can use.”

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