Film Room: Running Game

The Inside Carolina staff convened to review and discuss the film from UNC's final spring football scrimmage. In this segment, beat writer Greg Barnes and Xs and Os analyst Jason Staples highlight a running play.

Jason: Watch the edge there, the offensive tackle makes a good step to the outside, got the control, got his left hand on the interior pad and his right hand free so he can run him.

Greg: And Juvall Mollette - a freshman wide receiver who has only been on the team a few months - ran his blocker all the way down the field.

Jason: That tackle was #71, Jon Heck. That’s textbook. He kept his pad level, got a good outside bucket step, and you see that left hand. Right arm is clear, left hand is up in the pads and now he can run him because he’s got leverage, so the defensive end can’t get into position.

Greg: Because Mollette is running his guy down the field, the linebacker has to make the play.

Jason: But the linebacker is also responsible for the inside gap so he can’t run to the outside there or he opens up an inside gap and then it’s a touchdown. So he has to take the inside gap. The defensive end can’t get himself hooked like that, that’s the thing. You can see where the guard is coming, if the linebacker comes outside, he seals that and it’s an immediate cut back. The tackle needs to be made by the safety, but it’s a good run by Ty’Son Williams.

Greg: The reason this play goes this way is because you have a package to the left and since there are three defenders on those three receivers, you’ve got numbers to the right. That’s why there aren’t as many bodies in play to the right side.

Jason: Although you could have gone to the bubble because it’s almost even – pick your poison.

Greg: But everyone ends up chasing hard right. Look at the top safety, he’s out of the play.

Ty’Son Williams this spring showed he can get hit and get yards after contact, has good quicks, can catch the ball. He seemed to be the entire package. As good as this running back stable is, I’m not sure they have an all-around type of guy, so there’s a place for him in the mix.

Jason: What strikes me from the film from this scrimmage is how Williams has broken tackles where guys have gotten to his legs. That shows good balance and strength – being able to break tackles when guys get to your legs, that tends to differentiate the guys that can get more yards after contact.

Greg: They had talented running backs last year, and the offensive line struggled, but it wasn’t all on the offensive line. The quarterbacks and running backs sometimes made the wrong decisions. And the thing with this freshman running back that we’ll have to see is blocking.

Jason: That’s where being in for the spring makes a big difference. He had the whole spring of install, reps on film that he can study, that’s what allows a back to get on the field early. You early enroll and you’re already up to speed on the protections from that regard.

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