Commitment Q&A: Roscoe Johnson

Roscoe Johnson, a wide receiver from Union County (S.C.), talked with Inside Carolina minutes after giving Larry Fedora and UNC his commitment.

What happened today?

“I’m a Tar Heel. I just committed like five minutes ago. I’m on my way home now.”

Break down what happened.

“We were in [Larry Fedora’s] office and we were talking about everything. And then he asked if I wanted to be a part of it. I said, ‘Yes sir, I want to commit.’”

You camped at UNC three times this summer. How does it feel to get the offer and then commit?

“It feels great. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Now, I just have to worry about winning a state championship, working on my grades, and finishing up high school.”

What was it about UNC that attracted you?

“They care for their players – it’s not just about football. They want them to succeed in everything. Everybody is a family there and everybody wants you to do well.”

Gunter Brewer handled your recruitment. What impact did he have on your recruitment?

“He believed in me. He told me I had good talent. I know he’s a good coach and I know he could make me a better player. I know he’s coached some great players and put them into the [National Football] League, so he knows what he’s doing.”

What was the communication like between you and Brewer?

“Almost every morning, he’d check up on me daily. He would make sure I’m doing well and doing what I’m supposed to do.”

During your conversations with Brewer, what did he tell you about the status of a UNC offer?

“He said it would be coming, but he didn’t tell me it would be coming today. So I didn’t think it was coming today. I knew when it did, I was going to commit.”

You obviously had to wait for the offer to commit, but when did you begin leaning towards UNC?

“When we were up there for 7-on-7. I just felt good up there the whole time.”

Talk about your most recent visit to UNC. What did you do the past couple of days?

“[Tuesday] my mom and I visited the dorms, the meeting rooms, the locker room, and dining room. And I hung out with the players yesterday – mostly the wideouts. And I got all the academic stuff done.”

This visit was essentially for your mother. What did she think?

“She liked it. She liked North Carolina better than I do. She liked the colors.”

During your meeting with Brewer, what did he say about how he sees you fitting into UNC’s offense?

“Because of my speed and my quickness, I’ll be playing everywhere – inside and outside receiver. I’ve got to know all the receiver positions.”

Besides obviously offering and accepting your commitment, what did Fedora discuss?

“He talked about just being a family, being committed to the Tar Heels, and doing what I need to do.”

You’re driving home a Tar Heel. How do you feel?

“I feel blessed for the opportunity.”

Your teammate Shi Smith is a UNC recruit. How does your commitment affect him?

“I talked to him the other day about where he was going. He said that North Carolina was in his top three. With Shi you never know.”

Will you be recruiting him?

“I don’t know. We’ve talked about playing together, though.”

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