MJ Pickup Game Reports

Rick Telander's got connections.

The ESPN the Magazine writer somehow, someway gained access to Hoops the Gym in Chicago -- where Michael Jordan is playing pickup with NBA stars.

Telander thankfully provides a full report in this week's issue, which is online linked below.

The score is 5-5 and Jordan is sucking wind. During breaks, he bends to grab the edges of those fancy shorts. He's not the superhero of yore. He goes in for a gimme and Edwards, good old, out-of-the-NBA Kevin, gets a hand on it. Hmmm. But Jordan's passes are flawless, and when his team goes up a point on the Hardaway-Finley-Chandler gang, Jordan screams to his 'mates, "8-7! 8-7!" That's the score, and they'd better not forget it. When Jordan hits a fallaway over Penny, his boys win, 10-8. Jordan nods. He's gassed, but this is how it's supposed to be.

LINK: ESPN The Magazine: Ready or Not?

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