Deablo Favoring Two

Divine Deablo is a UNC top wide receiver target and has made a few recent visits to Chapel Hill. He has four finalists, but admits he's actually favoring two programs.

RANDLEMAN, N.C. --- Divine Deablo has narrowed his focus to four schools. However, he revealed two programs are leading the quartet.

“My mind is leaning towards Virginia Tech and North Carolina,” Deablo said. “It’s just their interest in me.”

Deablo, a 6-foot-2, 195-pound wide receiver from Winston-Salem (N.C.) Mount Tabor, credits Gunter Brewer for UNC’s strong recruiting efforts. Even though Deablo falls outside Brewer’s recruiting territory, the two have established a strong bond.

“He’s the type of dude that will still be your friend even if you go to another school,” Deablo said. “And that’s what I like about him.”

Georgia and NC State complete Deablo’s top four schools list.

Last week, UNC picked up a verbal commitment from another wide receiver, Roscoe Johnson. Deablo says he was aware of the situation even before the commitment actually took place.

“[Brewer] told me that they’re trying to save a spot for me, because it’s getting tight,” Deablo said.

If anything, the information has forced Deablo to expedite his recruitment.

“It makes me kind of rush to see everybody so that I can make my decision,” Deablo said. “It doesn’t really push me away, because I like Carolina.”

In spite of that, Deablo, who had planned to commit before the season begins, will likely delay his collegiate decision.

“To be honest with you, I might go into the season,” Deablo said. “I didn’t realize how difficult making a decision actually would be.”

A postponement would allow Deablo to utilize official trips to – hopefully – simplify his decision. He’s considering officially visit each of his four favorites early in the football season. Since he plans to enroll in college in January, he wants to make a commitment as soon as possible.

Deablo’s summer has been full of alterations. His June calendar included two UNC trips. But, fate intervened and a third was tacked on. On that day, Deablo was halfway to Columbia for his scheduled South Carolina visit when his father realized he had forgotten his wallet. When they returned home, they scrapped the South Carolina trek but didn’t want to waste an open day.

“I had nothing else to do that day, so I felt like going to [North] Carolina,” Deablo said.

Deablo didn’t inform the UNC staff, including Brewer, of the change of plans.

“I just showed up on the field, because I knew they had a camp that day,” Deablo said. “[Brewer] didn’t know it was me for sure so he was looking crazy. But when he realized it was me, he was excited.”

Although much of the stay was spent hanging around the football office with Brewer, Deablo also spent time with a handful of Tar Heel players, including Elijah Hood.

“[The players] just talked to me about college life, school, how much work you’re going to have,” Deablo said. “’Use your time wisely’ was their advice to me.”

Less than a week later, Deablo was back in Chapel Hill with his Mount Tabor teammates for the “Beast of the Hill.”

“[The UNC coaches] had a children’s camp earlier that day, but they did get to see the last game that I played in,” Deablo said. “I wasn’t really getting open because I was the only real threat on my team that day, so [opponents] were double- and triple-teaming me. [The UNC coaches] gave me advice and they were also giving me reasons to come to Carolina. They were telling me that Carolina could get me open [on the collegiate level].”

Deablo admits that the back-to-back-to-back UNC visits helped the Tar Heels’ chances.

“I love Carolina,” Deablo said. “I love everything about it, especially Coach Brewer.”

Deablo, who is trying to get back to UNC by the end of the summer, traveled to Virginia Tech and West Virginia. He attended Georgia’s “Dawg Night” this past Saturday and is scheduled to visit NC State on Friday and then Virginia Tech on Saturday.

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