Banks 'Got that Feeling'

Korey Banks, an athlete from Tyrone (Ga.) Sandy Creek, talked with Inside Carolina after committing to UNC.

You were considering making a commitment the past two Saturdays. How did it end up occurring on Monday?

“I had to sit back and think what’s really going on. I called [Gunter Brewer] first and then I talked to Coach [Chris Kapilovic]. They were just happy. They were just real happy.”

You narrowed your focus to six schools (Arizona, Georgia Tech, Michigan, UNC, Wake Forest, and Wisconsin). What made you chose the Tar Heels?

“First of all, I visited North Carolina more than once, so I felt like they showed me enough. And it’s somewhere I can see myself at to enjoy college life while getting a chance to get a top 25 education and play at a high level of football. And I feel like we can win there – I feel like we can win a national championship at North Carolina. I feel like the offense that they run there is unstoppable. And really, North Carolina, when I went there, I got that feeling. And also they’ve been recruiting me the longest -- they’ve been recruiting me since the tenth grade. It’s always good when someone proves that they want you.”

When did you begin leaning towards UNC?

“Since they first offered me. Actually, since I was a tenth grader. I just had to sit back and see what’s really going on as far as the recruiting process.”

What role did Chris Kapilovic have on your recruitment?

“Everything – that’s the guy who offered me [and] that’s the guy who’s been recruiting me since the tenth grade when I didn’t have anything. So he had everything to do with [the commitment]. The decision came down to who recruited me the hardest and who wanted me the most.”

What about J.K. Britt? You and him are close.

“He’s from around my way. He texted me from time to time just to let me know he wanted me to come to UNC. He had a big part in [my commitment], too.”

You’re an athlete capable of playing a couple different skill positions. What’s UNC’s plan for you?

“They want me as a receiver. I have no problem with it. I feel like I’m a versatile player that can make plays on both sides of the ball. I feel comfortable wherever. I feel like this is the offense that I belong in.”

Your initial plan was to still take your official visits after verbally committing. Is that still the case?

“I’m 100-percent a Tar Heel, but I will take a couple official visits. I want to explore the world, so I want to see Arizona. I’ll definitely look at Arizona. But mostly after that it will be North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina.”

Speaking of which, when do you plan to visit UNC next?

“Before school starts definitely.”

How does this decision affect your teammate Javon Jackson?

“I’ll definitely be recruiting him. His decision is his decision and I hope he picks the right school for himself. Hopefully that’s North Carolina, because we are best friends.”

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