Podcast: UNC FB Storylines for 2015

Tommy Ashley hosts a lengthy discussion with Greg Barnes, Jason Staples, and Buck Sanders at the conclusion of ACC Kickoff, covering a variety of UNC football and ACC topics.

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The group discussed a variety of topics, one of which was the importance of the opener against South Carolina:

Sanders: "If North Carolina wins the South Carolina game, that changes everything, you go back to the drawing board and redraft expectations for the 2015 season."

Barnes: "If North Carolina were to lose that game by three touchdowns, but go down to Georgia Tech and pull out a win, where they haven't won in forever, nobody is going to be talking about the South Carolina game."

Staples: "I think the most important thing is really being competitive in that game. Even if UNC goes in and doesn't win the game, if they are competitive then there is something to build on." 

Many other topics were covered - listen in to hear the important storylines for UNC football in 2015.

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