Film Room: J.K. Britt

To prepare for the start of the 2015 season, Inside Carolina's staff convened to review and discuss spring film. In this segment, beat writer Greg Barnes and Xs and Os analyst Jason Staples discuss freshman safety J.K. Britt, who quickly surged up the depth chart.

Jason: Look at the right side on the offensive line -- good step, gets the edge, defensive end is already beat, guard has won, now you have a guard getting to the second level.

Greg: Right, that’s Landon Turner moving forward.

Jason: Everything is good right until the safety, J.K. Britt, comes up and makes the play. I’ve got to say this is a positive on both sides because the offensive line has done a good job here. That’s a safety making a play. The running back’s job is to make the safety miss here and break the tackle and the safety just made the play.

Greg: Ty’Son Williams has a hole there and Britt fills it.

Jason: That’s pretty close to textbook on the offensive line. Tackle gets the edge with the inside hand, you’ve got a guy getting to the second level linebacker, guard is running the next guy and you’ve got a seal on the other side. Now you have a third level defender making the tackle.

Greg: Britt arrived on campus in January and as a true freshman early enrollee was getting first team reps at safety soon thereafter. I remember Buck talking about it at the initial scrimmages. It wasn’t just at the end of the spring season.

Jason: Given what we saw last year, anybody coming in should get a look at safety.

Greg: And I don’t know how much of that was Chizik wanting a bigger guy back there. He does seem to fit the mold of a bigger defensive back. That’s what stands out about Britt. He’s a big, long, rangey kid. Don talks a lot about hips and explosion and Britt seems to have the ability to drop his hips and fire through. He has shown to be explosive to the ball.

Jason: He has a nose for the ball. The clip shows that – being where he needs to be.

Greg: Really what that means is he understands what a quarterback is doing and where he’s looking. What we’ve seen a lot the last few years is guys at UNC getting out of position and he didn’t do that in the spring. I think that’s one of the reasons he was able to move up the depth chart. Regardless of your opinion of this team the last couple years, there have been a number of guys who appear to be good atheltes and talented, they tended to find themselves out of position. If Britt can prove to be a consistent option, and stay in position and show that nose for the ball, then he’ll see himself playing early. If you look at the safety breakdown, there isn’t that much experience on the roster – plenty of playing time is available.

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