UNC Camp Changes Miller’s Perception

North Carolina assistant coach Charlton Warren has prioritized Fla. cornerback Henry Miller.

Originally, Henry Miller's travel itinerary called for him to reach North Carolina on Thursday. However, he pushed back his UNC stop to Friday so that he could participate in that morning’s camp.

“It was a chance for me to see how Coach [Charlton] Warren coaches,” Miller said. “I wanted to see how he teaches his players – like his techniques and stuff.

“I liked it. I think he’s a great coach that I can learn a lot from.”

UNC was the final leg of Miller’s out-of-state school tour. The 6-foot-2, 201-pound defensive back from Kissimmee (Fla.) Gateway visited South Carolina and NC State prior to Chapel Hill.

Before last week, Miller hadn’t visited an out-of-state school. His prior travels consisted of Central Florida, Florida, Florida State, and Miami.

“[UNC] seems like a way better program than I thought it was,” Miller said. “Everybody talks about it being a basketball school, but it seemed like they are focused on having a great football program.”

Miller’s perception was transformed during his brief tour of UNC’s campus. His need to head home forced the tour to be abbreviated.

“It was nice,” Henry said. “It seemed like it had a lot of history. They talked about how it’s ‘Defensive Line U,’ because of all the great defensive linemen that have come out of there like [Lawrence Taylor] and Julius Peppers.”

Before heading back to Kissimmee, Henry met with Larry Fedora.

“He was excited that I was able to get up there,” Henry said. “He said he likes my size and my athletic ability.”

As soon as it offered in late May, UNC made Miller’s top ten schools list. Other members of the list were Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Mississippi State, NC State, Oregon State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

In determining which ten schools would make the aforementioned list from the 30-plus programs that offered, Miller said he emphasized his relationship with the coaching staff.

With UNC in particular, that relationship was established with Warren.

“[Warren and I] talk every week,” Miller said. “He tells me that he wants me there, I’m his guy, and he loves my size and athleticism.”

According to Miller, Warren plans on using that size and athleticism at the cornerback position.

“He says I’d be a great presence in college football,” Miller said.

Miller’s next task is to trim his list of schools to the five he’ll officially visit. While he cautions that no schools are safe to make that cut, he says UNC’s chances are “very good.”

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