Film Room: Corbin Daly

To prepare for the start of the 2015 season, Inside Carolina's staff convened to review and discuss spring film. In this segment, beat writer Greg Barnes and Xs and Os analyst Jason Staples discuss punter Corbin Daly.

Jason: Man, it just comes off his foot like a rocket.

Greg: The returner had to go back, what, 15 yards to field it on one of those?

Jason: That one was at least a 55-60 yarder. And the thing is that had huge hang time on top of it.

Greg: Does he out kick the coverage?

Jason: You would normally think that was an out-kick-the-coverage deal but look how quick the coverage gets there because of how long it was up there. Look at the trajectory coming off.

Greg: It’s from the 20 to the 20, so that’s a 60-yard punt.

Jason: And the coverage is there.

Greg: You look at that one and there was no pressure on him so that helps, but if you look at the first punt he hit that bounced off the turf, he picked it up and boomed it 45 yards. And there was another one in the scrimmage that I have in my notes where they had him do a sky punt toward the sideline and he hit that one 40 yards right on the sideline where they guy caught it and couldn’t do anything with it.

Jason: There’s no reason not to think this kid could be an All-ACC punter.

Greg: He’ll be replacing Tommy Hibbard, who was an All-ACC punter during his four years with the job.

Jason: They did already have one of the best punters in the ACC last year, but it’s still important and it still helps your defense a lot. It’s the sort of thing that can win you games because that extra 20 yards is the different between a field goal, touchdown or nothing.

Greg: With Hibbard you had him as your starting holder and he could do a lot of things from that position. From what we saw this spring, Daly is really just the punter, not the holder. We’ll see if that changes, but that takes away the dynamics that we saw from Hibbard with fakes.

Jason: Most teams have a backup quarterback as the holder to give themselves options and there’s no shortage of backup quarterbacks at Carolina.

Greg: Just the fact that he’s back there, can catch it and kick it – those are the key components to a great punter.

Jason: His lack of game experience doesn’t bother me a bit if the kid can catch it and kick it. The main thing you want is a kid that is going to be consistent - get it off quickly to not get punts blocked and he’ll kick it to put your defense in a good position. That’s all that really matters.

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