Podcast: Training Camp - First Impressions

Greg Barnes and Buck Sanders share their impressions of the first day of training camp with Tommy Ashley.

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What was IC's staff's take on the first day of training camp?

First thing noticed on both sides of the ball was the energy we saw.

"Lot of energy - not only did that help the "1's," but it filters down the depth chart. we saw some good action, down to the "2's" and even to the "3's." On both sides of the ball we are finally beginning to see legitimate depth," Barnes said.

"On the defensive side of the ball, there was a lot of good energy out there, and some of that has to do with the players listening to a different set of voices on the coaching staff, and they are all putting their best foot forward, because they want playing time," Sanders added. 

After discussing the insertion of some younger players, particularly on defense, Tommy Ashley made this observation:

"The youth that North Carolina has, they have some young guys that are going to play, but they are not going to have to play them, the coaches can choose to play them, and that's a huge difference. That's certainly something we've seen, if you've got a freshman or redshirt freshman that has to play, because you have no other option, you're generally in trouble." 

Greg's take on using Romar Morris and T.J. Logan (at A-Back) simultaneously.

"If you've got Romar Morris, T.J. Logan, and Mack Hollins running three verticals, good luck having three defensive backs that can stay with them."

The backstory on walk-on linebacker Cole Holcomb, who has made a move on the depth chart, was an interesting storyline on the first day of camp. 

"It's kind of what they saw in Mack Hollins - a kid that comes out of nowhere and explodes at the end of his high school career and ends up being one those guys you luck out with."

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