Tar Heels lead for A.J. Davis

The Tar Heels lead for premier cornerback/wide receiver.

Tonight (9/5) Inside Carolina interviewed A. J. Davis of Northern Durham HS.

Height 5-11
Weight 175
40 time 4.3
tackles 26
Ints 6 (3 returned for TDs)
Approx 10 TDs as a receiver
2 Punt Reurns for TDs

Inside Carolina had the fortune of interviewing A.J. soon after talking to Carolina Assistant Coach Ken Browning. Evidently A.J. liked what Coach Browning had to say because the heels now lead. Inside Carolina also had the opportunity to watch A.J. play on Friday night against Southern Durham. In the first Half AJ was thrown to twice (as a receiver on offense), caught both passes, scored on both opportunities. Inside Carolina observed that AJ is a great athlete with explosive speed. On defense he played outstanding against the quality skilled athletes of Southern Durham (although the Southern offense was reluctant to throw his way).

Inside Carolina – Great game on Friday A. J., congratulations on the win.

A.J. Davis – Thanks.

Inside Carolina – You looked pretty good out there as a receiver. Do you prefer offense or defense?

A.J. Davis  – I'd say offense right now.

Inside Carolina– A. J., could you tell us who your current favorites are?

A.J. Davis – Well as a matter of fact I have just gotten off the phone with Coach Browning and Carolina leads big.

Inside Carolina– Who else are you considering ?

A.J. Davis – Oh, Ok, Al, and some others. I have canceled my visit to Notre Dame.

Inside Carolina– Really, why?

A.J. Davis – I have just decided that they are just not right for me.

Inside Carolina– Did the distance play a factor in canceling the ND visit?

A.J. Davis  – Yes, some.

Inside Carolina– What has changed since the last time you have talked to us?

A.J. Davis  – I've just thought recently how much our HS has contributed to that program. I really liked the tradition of Carolina.

Inside Carolina– I notice after the Southern Durham receiver (David Noel) caught his TD pass (against corner opposite A.J.) that you pretty much handled him the rest of the night.

A.J. Davis – Yes, it was frustrating for me because they didn't throw it much towards the guy I was defending.

Inside Carolina– Who would you say is your biggest HS rival?

A.J. Davis – I'd say Riverside HS.

Inside Carolina– Who are you playing this Friday?

A.J. Davis – Hillside HS.

Inside Carolina– A.J., when do you think you will make a decision?

A.J. Davis – After I take my visit sometime in December.

Inside Carolina– I remember you wanted to get recruiting over so that you could focus on indoor track.

A.J. Davis – Yes, that is right.

Inside Carolina– Has Coach Craddock been contacting you?

A.J. Davis – Yes he has.

Inside Carolina– Has he been talking to you about how you would fit into the track program?

A.J. Davis – Yes, we have talked about that.

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