Three Rise for Brown

Running back Jordon Brown has three programs atop his list and is starting to feel the urgency to make a decision.

DURHAM, N.C. --- Although he hasn’t eliminated any schools, Jordon Brown revealed that three programs have begun to separate themselves from his collection of offers – North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wake Forest.

“Those are probably the three that are recruiting me the hardest right now,” Brown said. “A lot of schools are falling off from filling up spots. I’m really trying to narrow it down, but those three are probably the main three, right now. And if some other schools come along, I’ll look into them, if I’m interested – I’m not closing off other schools.”

Brown, a 5-foot-11, 186-pound running back from Southern Durham, doesn’t have a leader among the aforementioned trio. However, as he inches towards the football season, the more urgency he places on his collegiate decision.

“I’ll probably get it done before or early on in the season,” Brown said.

Having made a sufficient amount of visits to UNC and Wake Forest, Brown says that if he travels anywhere between now and when he decides it will be back to South Carolina.

During the final week of July, Brown visited all three favorites. The UNC visit was the latest in a long line of trips to the nearby campus.

“I got a chance to get around the players and hang around with them,” Brown said. “And I got to watch them lift and get on the field for some players-only stuff.

“And then I went and talked to some academic people.”

Brown feels he meshes well within the Tar Heels’ roster.

“I feel like [the players] are pretty cool and they’re pretty friendly” Brown said. “I feel like they’ll welcome me in if I chose to come there.”

Brown says he has a “pretty good” relationship with Larry Porter, UNC’s running backs coach who also happens to recruit Durham for the Tar Heels. According to Brown, the two speak on a regular basis. Most recently, Porter has described how he envisions Brown inserting into UNC’s running back group.

“[Porter] sees me fitting in pretty much as a dual threat,” Brown said. “He sees me capable of running the ball, as well as split out. He’s looking for me to line up in the slot to do some receiver work. I’d motion in and out of the backfield. He said they’re looking for a guy who could do that, because they have Elijah [Hood] and Ty’Son [Williams] who are more true running backs.”

Similarly, T.J. Logan, who is a member of UNC’s running back group, has been working out at A-back this preseason, in addition to his running back duties.

“I think that role fits me, because I don’t want to be limited to just running the ball,” Brown said. “And I don’t want to be limited to just catching the ball.”

Brown’s Wake Forest visit that week was similar in nature to the previously mentioned UNC trip.

On the other hand, Brown’s South Carolina visit that week was more introductory. His only other trip to Columbia was for the Gamecocks’ Camp, where he earned a scholarship. Brown admits that South Carolina has really grabbed his attention, despite being among the last schools to offer him.

“It’s an SEC offer, so that’s pretty big because it’s big-time football,” Brown said.

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